Think Summer Political TV Ads Were Awful?

Could they possibly get more annoying in Autumn? The Hillary and Donald flacks are working 24-7 to make that horror happen, joined by equally obnoxious candidates for local political causes.

As we sit, stand and stroll while peering into our big and little screens, every few minutes we’re exposed to one or more of the endlessly repeated ads. Right up until Tuesday, November 8, the agony will continue unabated, night and day, 24-7.

Along with the usual TV plague of intrusive ads for miracle bowel medications, crooked lawyers and overpriced cars, the political commercials mercilessly pound our ears and eyes. The office-seekers have unlimited ad budgets, with stacks of donated money provided by favor-seeking billionaires. Therefore, paying to repeat the exact same ad 50 times a day is expected to get them their money’s worth.

Did it ever occur to the politicians and their financiers that the constant brainwashing of the repeated ads may work in reverse? It’s affecting this old voter. Instead of mindlessly obeying, and whatever my original political leanings, I intend to vote for the least obnoxious candidates. That is, if I can find any.

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