Do You Want A Fainting Grandma For President?

Although her political pals are frantically trying to hide it, Hillary Clinton (68) probably collapsed on Sunday due to advanced age. It happens all the time in hallways of nursing homes.

Not that Donald Trump (70) is a vigorous young candidate, but couldn’t the political bosses of either party come up with someone who isn’t already on Social Security? With election day fast approaching, where are the young Jack Kennedys (42) and Teddy Roosevelts (41) who became President while mind and body were still fully functioning?

If ailing Hillary must bow out of the race, maybe the Democrats will bring voters the choice of doddering Bernie Sanders (77). Then, if he wins the election, can Bernie be the upstanding leader of the free world from a wheelchair? And horror of horrors, he could refuse to stand up when the band plays the National Anthem.

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