Taking A Stand On Our National Anthem

Of course, the grossly overpaid pro jocks are deliberately taunting we simple folk. Now that they can afford big mansions, Ferraris and high-priced hookers, the next up-yours-attitude clicks in. It’s to refuse to stand for the traditional patriotic song. So, there, suckers!

They couldn’t care less that the flag and national anthem ceremony have deep meaning to most of us. Those symbols are especially respected by we who served in wartime. Is asking the jocks to stand for a few minutes to show appreciation for every American’s freedom just too politically incorrect in their conceited brains?

Somewhere in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or multi-million-dollar NFL contract, it says they have the legal right to refuse to stand. They’re permitted to keep sitting, kneel, kiss the turf, give the fans the finger or whatever other disrespectful idiocy occurs to their muddled minds.

We fans also have the right to demonstrate our opinion of the deliberately insulting actions of the arrogant jocks. We can refuse to buy the grossly-overpriced tickets to the games where the egotistic offenders play.

One thought on “Taking A Stand On Our National Anthem

  1. Jon

    Thanks Ted, you hit the nail on the head. I spent six years serving in the Navy down at the end of Vietnam, and I console myself now with the knowledge that most folks are like you and have some respect for those who endured at Valley Forge, Normandy, Bataan, and Iwo Jima and bought those kneelers the right to express their particular brand of arrogance.

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