Go Romping In New England Fall Foliage

Every city, town or hamlet in that colorfull area is gloriously blessed every season with autumn leaves of red, orange and gold. I visit many of those areas annually, and never tire of the experience.

A first experience with New England autumn began a month past my 18th birthday in September 1943, at the Newport Naval Training Center in Rhode Island. I experienced eight weeks of boot camp as the weather cooled and leaves began to drop.

The drill fields were surrounded by colorful oak and maple trees. Running daily at dawn and twilight along the trails through autumn foliage was actually pleasant amid the bracing cool air and fragrance of the trees.

A generation later in Boston, during the years when a family member was a student there, we spent frequent autumn weekends on the university campus and in nearby parks.

Autumn in classic Newport and busy Boston are always experiences worth a visit. Of course, they’re not the only places to see New England in the fall. There are many other destinations that burst out with pleasantly cool weather and colorful displays of red, yellow and gold leaves.

One historic and colorful spot to visit is the Cornish-Windsor Bridge, the longest covered wooden bridge in the world. It separates New Hampshire from Vermont over the scenic Connecticut River. The setting is something out of an 18th Century rural painting. Camera and Smartphone ready, wait until a big wagon starts making its way across, preferably loaded with people on their way to an October hayride.

If you yearn to see a typical New England town right out of the 1800s, go to tiny Petersham, surrounded by a deeply-forested area in the middle of Massachusetts. It has a four-block main street, a village green, bandstand, white-washed houses and just one general store. In the center is the typical New England church and its white steeple.

If you want your autumn in New England visit to include a typical ocean harbor scene, there are scores of choices. For the typical little seaside village that still maintains its 18th Century charm, go to Maine’s Northeast Harbor. Walk along the waterway, watch fishermen bring in their catch, and then dine at one of the many great seafood restaurants. Choose one with an outside porch, so you can enjoy the food while watching the surrounding autumn colors.

There are many cities, towns, villages, mountains and ocean shores to enjoy fall foliage in New England. You can’t possibly to get to all of them during any one autumn trip. However, it ‘s always well worth the effort.

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