Atlantic City NJ: Taj Mahal Resort To Shut Down

Remember when every September featured the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City? It was a major event there until ten years ago, and then it was in Las Vegas for a couple of years. The pageant returned to the Jersey Shore beach city in an effort to boost the fast fading glory.

The city’s troubles continue. Just announced was the closing of the Taj Mahal resort, set to happen in October. It’s just the latest casualty in the continuing Atlantic City tragedy. If the bankruptcy petition is approved, it will be the fifth major casino shut-down there in the past several years.

Remember when Atlantic City was a great destination? In the first half of the 20th Century, it thrived every summer with thousands of families enjoying the sand and surf. Steel Pier offered a great amusement park with diving horses, as well as music and dancing, The Grand Ballroom featured Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits and other music stars of the era.

Strolling the Boardwalk, salt water taffy, people-watching, swimming and surfing once provided all kinds of fun. Maybe when all the casinos are shuttered, families will once again return to prevent what is fast becoming a ghost town on the Jersey coast.

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