How This Senior Keeps Brain And Body Active

I often look in the mirror and wonder what brought me this far. The calendar, craggy face and white hair tell me I’m 91 years old. What the hell happened to the energetic young guy who captained the state champ high school swim team and sailed through two wars in the Navy?

I’ve survived war, marriage, kids, a busy career and several heart valve surgeries. Now attempting to live independently for as long as I can, to avoid being dumped into one of those slow-death warehouses called nursing homes. This requires daily activities to maintain both mental and physical health.

Each morning I do push-ups and a 30-minute swim. Then on two one-hour daily hikes, I exercise both body and brain by observing and photographing local activities for posting on my daily blog. A busy schedule of mental effort is as important as keeping my body active. During a long career in advertising and public relations, I had to meet daily work deadlines.

More than 26 years after retiring, I still do it today. I’m at my desktop Mac creating three or more daily articles for and Since ending my career job in 1990 at age 65, I’ve traveled throughout the U.S. Canada, Mexico and South America, as well as to European and Asian countries. Many of the ventures are with backpacks, requiring some rugged walking and climbing.

Daily writing today requires considerable research to maintain accuracy and timeliness. As digital photography, smartphones and the internet expand in sophistication, I hone my creative skills. The tech challenges are great mind exercises, and combine with physical activities to keep brain and body, like the Energizer Bunny, just keep going and going.

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