Trump & Clinton October Surprises

The news media keeps flashing daily and hourly headlines about the two super-imperfect Presidential candidates. Donald spewed locker room obscenity about women. Hillary can’t keep Bill’s blabbermouth nor fly zipped up. And, Heaven help America, each aspires to be leader of the free world.

However, maybe we can put it all into perspective and give them the benefit of history. Remember the final words in the classic 1959 movie, “Some Like It Hot”? Joey Brown proposed to female impersonator Jack Lemmon, who confessed he wasn’t a woman. Joey smiled and calmly said, “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

Therefore, let’s consider other not-so-perfect Presidents. There was Nixon, who resigned declaring, “I am not a crook”. Actually, his behavior made him more a crock of crap.

Washington and Jefferson had many slaves on their plantations. And Tom traveled and tarried with slave Sally Hemmings. According to history, he fathered as many as six junior Jeffersons with her.

Andy Jackson married Rachel before she divorced her first husband, and shot a guy dead for insulting his First Lady. The other Andy, President Johnson was the Veep who took over after Lincoln was assassinated. So boozy, he was impeached by Congress. And incidentally, Lincoln did a Trump at Gettysburg, boasting “I scored seven years ago!”

One thought on “Trump & Clinton October Surprises

  1. whimsicalwanderingsofluvroses99

    Lets hope that whoever becomes President will stop the BS and get to work on all the issues we need done…. I for one am very tired of all the bantering between these two, lets get some idea’s on what they are going to do for us… oh remember us… the American people who voted you in…
    Love your post by the way… especially the ending. lol

    Liked by 1 person


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