Talking Sexy About Certain Body Parts Is A No No

Locker-room-gabbing Donald Trump now has language purists all aflutter. A video revealed him using forbidden body part expressions to describe his encounters with women. Of course, it’s nothing new.

We can be sure ancient cavemen didn’t restrict themselves to polite expressions when they were heated up with that primal urge to reproduce. Then, through the centuries and evolving social behaviors, describing certain parts of human bodies was considered obscene.

Therefore, in a valiant effort to counteract the dirty-talk trend, let’s exchange some of the naughty bodily no-no talk:
I grasped her exotic elbow passionately.
We rubbed ankles together until the heavens burst.
Stroking her left ear lobe brought me wild carnal joy.
The toenails on her left foot were exposed provocatively.
I was the only fella she ever allowed to stroke her patella.
She was a genius at flashing her gastrocnemius.

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