Election Brainwashing: Vote No On Proposition Yes

Have you been hiding under the bed for the past month and so? Realize that everyone else in the U.S. is being subjected to overwhelming political torture. The brainwashing is eerily similar to the cruel old Soviet pressure on hapless gulag prisoners.

On radio, TV, smartphones and everything else with sight and sound, we’re being pounded by obnoxious political ads. Some are repeated as often as four times an hour and 20 and more times daily. They don’t actually beat you physically nor lock you up, but just keep hammering your brain with endless ads.

As a retired advertising pro, I can relate to the need to get the political message out to voters. But I can’t quite understand the insanely repeating of the exact same ads. It’s deliberate brainwashing, as painfully intense as the Russians used to create mindless Manchurian candidates.

Just imagine those ad planning sessions by politicians and their cronies. “OK, guys. Keep the message simple, because those voters out there are too damned stupid to get anything else. Tell them over and over again that the candidates of the other party are the bad guys. They’re crooks, cheat on their spouses, tell dirty jokes in locker rooms and pull the tails of innocent little puppies.

“You must create a perfect image of our noble candidate. An upstanding citizen who works selflessly for the people. A truly honest, crusading leader. And snuggles up, not to thieving Wall Street billionaires, but to those innocent little puppies.

“Then you have to make sure each ad is repeated dozens and dozens of times, day and night. We need to completely launder their feeble brains so they’ll stumble mindlessly into the election day booths and vote for us.”

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