Old Guy Advice: Don’t Eat Until You’ve Earned It

When I retired at age 65, almost 27 years ago, I weighed 195 pounds. That’s OK on a 6 ft 4 senior citizen, but at 5 ft 8 and shrinking, I resembled a barrel of lard. The blubber was due to decades spent with overfed butt squatting in an office chair. Something drastic was needed.

So, I came up with the self-disciplinary idea, and have followed the routine ever since. Within my first six retired months, after daily swims, jogs and eating modestly only when earned by regular exercise, I’d knocked off 20 pounds of blubber. By the end of the first retirement year, I weighed 145, and have held it there ever since.

It’s all very, very simple. I don’t scarf down a healthy breakfast until I’ve done at least 15 minutes of exercise. It’s a brisk outside walk, jog in place, sit-ups and/or vigorous shadow boxing. At lunchtime, I exercise for 30 minutes, 45 before dinner, and another 15 before beddy-bye.

Of course, I also closely follow self-imposed calorie limits based on my age and weight, about 1,600 daily. When I cheat with candy, cake and/or booze, I extend the exercise times accordingly. Sage advice for other blubbery retirees, as well as younger sedentary sloths: try it and be amazed at the resulting slimmer, healthier you.

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