Angry Job Quitting Is Childishly Stupid

Take this damn job and shove it! You’re unhappy. Sob, sob! The pay isn’t enough. The boss doesn’t like you. Others get more favored treatment. Wah, wah! Hours are too long. Will all those bad feelings cause you to just curse, give up and quit?

Before just walking away, consider all the options. No matter what the reason you want to quit the job, first cool off. Think clearly about taking that final, no-turning-back step into unemployment.

Realize that times are tough. A bad job in a slow economy is considerably better than no job at all. There are many positive steps you can take to improve conditions, and not take the drastic leap into sudden unemployment. Consider:

1. Is it you? Look into angry personal attitudes, poor performance and other potentially damaging aspects you may be causing. Make an honest evaluation of problems. Start a positive campaign to improve everything about yourself.

2. How to upgrade your performance? Take a mental inventory about promptness, putting in an honest work day, willingness to go beyond expectations and sharpening skills. Consider signing up for a training program or higher education courses in your field. This will not only make a better worker, but also impress management about your positive attitude.

3. Improve relationships with fellow employees. Often people dislike their jobs because they don’t get along with others. Change that by being more friendly and helpful to people you see every day. Ask about families, share cups of coffee and generally be more agreeable and cooperative. Then, with happy surprise, you no longer want to quit and leave those friendly associates.

4. How to improve management relationships? If you feel you’re not being treated fairly, face it squarely. Ask for a one-on-one private session with the boss. Speak frankly, but calmly about your feelings.

If told you haven’t been doing the work adequately, ask how to upgrade performance. Once into self-improvement efforts, ask for periodic meetings to discuss progress. This shows you’re seriously interested in working to the best of your ability.

5. If you decide to seek another job, it’s always best to postpone quitting. Instead of just walking away, start looking while still holding on. You can keep the search strictly confidential by signing on with an employment agency.

When a solid offer for a new job happens, there’s the option to decide if it is a better deal. Then, when you nail that new job and have a signed offer, you can leave the old job on a friendly basis.

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