Donald Trump My President? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin’!

Hey, angry Democrats. While skipping school or work to march, block the streets and wave the Mexican flag, you may ponder aloud: How is it possible that 50% voted for a wigged wahoo who makes going bankrupt a sleazy money-making scam? And also let’s not forget: how could the other 50% vote for a woman to be leader of the free world who couldn’t keep her free-wandering husband’s zipper closed?

As bad as today’s presidential mess seems, let’s go back in history, when such outrageous candidates then don’t seem quite as insane now. F’rinstance:

Harry Truman: clothing store clerk first appointed local judge by crooked political boss
Ronald Reagan: washed up B-movie actor who switched from Democrat to Republican, as Donald Trump did in 2001
Franklin D. Roosevelt: wheelchair didn’t stop him from loving Lucy and chasing others
Tom Jefferson: made babies with his maid, Sally Hemmings
Andy Jackson: killed a guy who insulted Andy’s wife
Wm. Howard Taft: so fat he couldn’t get out of the bathtub
Jack Kennedy: secret trysts with Marilyn Monroe et al
Dick Nixon: Watergate made him flee White House early
Bill Clinton was and is…well…Bill Clinton

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