Xplain Why TV Miracle Drugs Xhibit Xiting Names

Viewers are overwhelmed by never-ending commercials for Xarelto, Pradaxa Yervoy, Viibryd, Zytiga, Xgeva, Celecoxib, Linezolid, Metaxaloneget and other unpronouceable names. When the drug companies run out of Xelent ideas for meds, let’s create others to Xtend our Xaustion.

How about Xwife, Xlacks, Xtasy, Xtension, XY&Z, Xterior. XXXrated. Most cost an XS amount of money, while some cause Xtreme reactions. Just trying to Xpress the names is enough to Xperience an Xtreme seizure. That’s why you’re now seeing tv ads by Xstatic ambulance-chasing lawyers. They want to cash in on all the Xotic drugs.

And don’t Xclude: Many voters are still Xausted from the recent eleXun.

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