Disagree With Hawking Doomsday: Don’t Buy Green Bananas

Hate to spoil your pre-Christmas return of Black Friday’s foolish spending. However, according to Stephen Hawking’s most recent prediction, all human life on Earth will be extinct in less than a thousand years.

He adds a somewhat hopeful caveat. A total wipe-out of everyone can be prevented by finding another habitable planet. And I surmise, maybe just before doomsday on Earth, a space ship will escape with Dr. Strangelove, some of his best pals and nubile women.

Hey, Prof. Hawking, are you ignoring a simple fact? Considering the continuous production and upgrading of nuclear weapons, it’s highly possible humanity will erase itself much, much sooner. More likely within a decade or less.

Consider the fat little nutcase in North Korea or the wigged-out egomaniac soon to move into the White House. With their fingers on the go button, it could be only a matter of months before humanity destroys itself. OK now, in keeping with that glorious holiday mood, let’s all rise (except for some overpaid football players) and sing peace on Earth, good will to all.

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