Parallel Universe Theory: Consider What Could Be

According British newspaper The Sun, what’s happening now on our planet could be similar to life on another one far, far away. Scientists insist that there are virtually countless other Earthlike globes.

Therefore, somewhere out there is a world almost, but not quite exactly, like ours. Expanding on that scientific theory, we can imagine:
President Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office as the first woman elected leader of the free world.
Donald Trump is sentenced to prison for cheating investors, running a phony university and wearing a funny hairpiece.
At Christmastime, the Three Wise Men bring presents to the wrong Madonna during one of her rock concerts.
The Kardashians go broke after the media ignores them, and all forced to live together in a homeless shelter.
Kanye West actually smiles in his barred asylum room.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie cancel their divorce and adopt 27 more kids, 12 cats, seven dogs and a camel.
Vladimir Putin is hired as a circus strongman, but retires after dropping a dumbell (John Kerry) on his foot.
Colin Koepernick decides to stand for the National Anthem, but instantly suffers brain damage when Tom Brady throws a deflated football at his head.
Anthony suffers a panic attack when he can’t find his shrunken wiener.

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