Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: 75th Anniversary Of The Attack

World War II started suddenly and without warning for America when sneaky Jap … I mean … Japanese aircraft attacked the U.S. Navy base on the morning of December 7, 1941. The terrible destruction and killing of more than 3,000 Americans resulted in national anger and need for revenge. It didn’t end until nearly four years later with the atomic destruction of Japanese cities.

I was 16 at the time of Pearl Harbor, and like all red-blooded American kids, could hardly wait until I could join up and kill those dirty Japs … oops… I mean Japanese military attackers. At age 17, I enlisted, and when the war ended was in an advanced Navy unit in the Philippines campaign trying to kill those dirty Japs … ooops … I mean enemy forces.

After college on the GI Bill, I was recalled to active duty in the Korean War. Our aircraft carrier refueled at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Tokyo on our way to Korea. It was just six years after we were trying to kill each other in WWII. Now, thousands of those former dirty Japs were our good Japanese pals, earning American dollars as contractors, pimps and for-hire workers.

Another frustrating memory is that during WWII, the U.S. gave considerable war equipment to China in their struggle against the evil Jap … I mean… Japanese enemy. Then, in the Korean War just a few years later, China used those same guns, tanks and artillery to kill American troops.

Conclusion: Of course, we continue to honor those Americans who died at Pearl Harbor and in all of our wars. However, at my very advanced old age, any war now makes absolutely no sense. Except, of course, to politicians, generals, admirals, munitions manufacturers and those other murderous nutcases who bravely send young guys out to kill other young guys.

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