Don’t Buy Green Bananas: Earth Dies This Month!

Doomsday prognosticators and other scientific freaks over the past several years have predicted it with absolute precision. This is the month when Planet Nibiru smashes into our world and destroys it!

Nasty old Planet X has actually been observed streaking around the universe for centuries. Once every millenium or so, it comes close enough to our solar system to scare the hell out of Earth guys with eyes on their telescopes.

Therefore, with that frightening info, be advised to prepare for meeting that nasty Nibiru. First, with colorful language, tell your boss exactly what you think of the job and where to shove it.

Forget house and car payments, clean out your bank account and withdraw all savings. Fly to Las Vegas, book a penthouse suite and join in on the reasons why it’s called Sin City. Apply all the various meanings of the phrase: GO OUT WITH A BANG!!!

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