Hey, You Paid To See The Game, Not Squawk In It

Super Bowl coming up and thousands of screaming idiots will be there in the stands. When their home team is on defense, they’ll yap loud and long like a flock of crazed chickens. Of course, they’re hoping the noise will cause the opposing quarterback’s signals to be screwed up.

It happens all the time now, mostly at football games throughout the nation. In other sports, the fans in the stands never try to influence play on the field. They only react vocally after a goal or run is scored. As an old football fan, I don’t remember the loud, unwanted and intentional interruptions from the stands way back when.

Then it was all about sportsmanship, courtesy and fairness, when Ronnie had to win one for the Gipper. Well, of course in those days, stadium parking was 50¢, tickets cost $2 and the highest paid pro jock on the field took home a piddling $25,000 a year. Hmmmm. On second thought, considering the robbery charges you’re forced to pay, go to the over-priced Stupor Bowl and squawk your damned lungs out!

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