One Circus Opens As Another Closes Down

There will be virtual elephants and clowns in Washington DC this week as Republicans take over the city. Coincidentally, animal activists have forced Ringling Brothers to cease to exist. They’ll put their elephants and clowns out to pasture and shut down the circus after 146 years.

Of course, some people believe there should be some more concern for how elephants and other animals are exploited as they’re confined in zoos. And how about the meat and seafood industry, where all sorts of creatures are hunted, bred, caged, slaughtered and served at dinner tables?

Can we also question the strapped-up use of dogs in uncanine situations such as leading the blind, sniffing for bombs and pulling snow sleds? What about race horses, bred to run faster and faster until their hearts burst? And then, at age three or four, end up as dog food?

And finally, America faces four years of the elephant party lumbering through Washington and the world. Will their wild herd actions result in large mushroom clouds and the ultimate cruelty to all of earth’s species?

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