Trump: President With The Most Rhyming Name

Not Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy nor Eisenhower. Nor even Clinton. The list of words that rhyme with Trump is almost endless. Here are some and how each applies:
Bump: Thing on the top of his head that holds his toupe.
Chump: A person who invests in Trump enterprises.
Clump: Sticky stuff on your shoe after a Trump speech.
Dump: Where you’ll end up if you do business with him.
Frump: What anti-Trump Madonna and Cher look like.
Grump: How the other Republicans feel about the Donald.
Hump: What camels have and randy Donald always seeks.
Jump: What Congress will do when The Donald demands.
Lump: What Hillary now has in her broken heart.
Mump: A disease all Democrats wish on The Donald.
Rump: Congressional body part the President will kick.
Schlump: Yiddish for Trump’s half-naked Russian pal.
Slump: Will the stock market have one this year?
Sump pump: Needed every time he promises prosperity.
Pahrump NV: At Death Valley where Democrats dry out.
Trump: I’m your President. So stump you all!

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