Saturday Night Live Continues To Jump Trump

Alec Baldwin revived his flagging acting career by doing scowling, lip-puffing parodies of the new President. There’s nothing new about the theme. In the past, imitators and cartoonists have done the same to many Oval Office occupants.

For example, way back in 1863, a Virginia newspaper cartoon sarcastically depicted Abe Lincon as an ape handing his Emancipation Proclamation to a freed slave. Similar pictorial slurs happend to other Presidents in news and entertainment media. They included fat William Howard Taft, gabby Teddy Roosevelt, stone-faced Calvin Coolidge, tricky Dick Nixon and Hah-vahd educated Jack Kennedy.

The fact that President Trump objects strongly in the news and on Twitter is a plus for SNL. It insures that Baldwin will continue earning big bucks for his impersonation for as long as it’s newsworthy. Maybe, just maybe, the real Donald Trump will show up on the program one night. Then he’ll demonstrate that he joins the rest of us in laughter at the traditional Presidential parody.

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