Marching, Marching And More Marching

Of course, in the past, as in the French Revolution, protest marches were necessary to overcome evil rulers, slavery, prejudice and crooked politicians. However, these days, fired-up mobs don’t need much of a reason to take to the streets.

Political, religious, racial, sexual, financial, immigration and just for the hell of it. Shout out a cause, paint some signs and faces, block off a busy part of town, yell angry words and start stomping along.

Soon, a few will follow, then some more, then thousands. All with shining eyes, eager faces and determination to screw up everything in the path of the march. Including working people needing to get to their jobs, kids unable to go to school and cops trying to prevent violence and looting.

Protesting works even more effectively to have your mob jam everything at the airport. More disruptive than city obstruction, there you can get bigger headlines and screw up everyone’s flight schedules.

Of course, it helps your noble cause if you toss some rocks, burn an American flag, damage a couple of cars and maybe loot a store or two along the way. Another fun advantage: with advancing technology, every marcher has a smartphone. Countless selfies will flash stirring images of activist you to friends and family.

Is there a reasonable solution to avoid the ever-growing need to riot whenever people have a gripe? At least here in the United States, it’s possible. Stage an orderly protest event, respect law officers, stay peaceful, honor the Constitution and vote for qualified, honest legislators.

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