Kim Jong Un Kills Officers With Anti-Aircraft Guns

Hey, Mr. President. Does this recent gory news from North Korea give you ideas about how to deal with anti-Trump top brass of the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force? And maybe a few enemies in Congress and the media, too.

Remember the Mel Brooks 1981 movie, “History of the World”? As French King Louis XVI, Mel had peasants flung into the air so he could skeet shoot them. Then the famous line and grin, “It’s good to be king”.

In North Korea, the angry King Kim has executed at least half a dozen of his top officers, as well as some unruly relatives, by big anti-aircraft guns. As a long-ago talker on Navy 20mm ack-ack crews, I can only wonder why Kim has to be so bloody messy.

Wouldn’t standing ‘em up against a wall and a couple of guys with rifles do a much neater job? Then, both royal pains, Kim and the Donald, could grimace and boast, “It’s good to be king”.

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