Make This Springtime Your Going Green Time

As the weather and your conscience warm up, do you have the urge to make the earth a better and greener place to live? Then, consider:

Get your expanding butt off the couch, turn off the TV and jump into the fresh air. Take a gym membership, join a bike club, roam around alone or with a special pal or two. When exercising outdoors, enjoy the surrounding springtime greenery.

Combine vigorous daily activity with sensible eating. Lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, and cut back on the fatty foods. Instead of between-meals snacking, chew on a carrot or apple.

Volunteer on a community green garden plot or in-town mini-farm. Plant a home garden of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables in your back yard. When autumn arrives, share your abundant green crop with friends, neighbors and/or a homeless shelter.

Go green on the road: Consider getting rid of that big, old gas guzzler that costs too much and pollutes the air. Trade for a smaller car that spews less pollution. Or better yet, on your next replacement, consider getting an all-electric car.

Ride the local bus, and for that short trip to the supermarket, try an invigorating bike ride or casual stroll. Don’t drive all the time with just you in the car. Get together with family, friends and neighbors. Share your daily commuter ride or evening out.

Volunteer in city and neighborhood clean-up and greening programs. Help get rid of unsightly trash to create more beautiful fields, streets, sidewalks and parks. Help plant and maintain green lawns and flower gardens throughout your city.

Encourage others to go green by speaking at public meetings, sending out internet info and poster campaigns. Go to schools to talk green to the kids, the ones who will be the future generation to carry on your determination and need for green.

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