Trump May Cut Funds For Meals On Wheels

That’s just one government service among the many that will be sliced from the national budget, if the President has his way. Money saved, he contends, will be used to finance constructing the Mexican border wall.

Because most of the people who now receive the free Meals On Wheels service are elderly and poor, I have a better idea. How about rounding up all those old geezers and shipping them to the border. For as long as it takes to wall up the 3,000 miles, give each of the elderly builders a trowel, a stack of bricks and a bucket of wet cement.

Assign the U.S. border guards to stop shooting Mexican kids long enough to supervise the construction of the wall. Then, no more than once or twice a day, let the geezers rest for a few minutes while modest meals on wheels are doled out to them. By the way, watch out for a guy named Moses who may show up and command them to let his people go.

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