Subway Says CBC Lies & Sues For $210 Million!

The fake chicken accusation was by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. It crowed to the world that Subway sandwich chicken is 50% soy filler. That ruffled the feathers of the sandwichers so much that they’re seeking that enormous pay-off, which is certainly not chicken feed.

There are two Subway eateries within walking distance of this old Navy feather merchant (Chief Journalist). I patronize both, and find the freshly-prepared sandwiches are always delicious. To my ancient palate, the meat tastes as if it had been cackling in the hen house just a few days earlier.

My only complaint about Subway is that the workers behind the counter often look henpecked. While the employees are all good eggs, they move around with yardbird eyes, and seem depressed in their cooped-up jobs. Is it because they’re too chicken to ask for a raise?

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