World’s Oldest President May Stay For 100th Birthday

President Trump will be 71 in a couple of months. That’s about six years older than when most working people check out to enjoy their sunset years. Hillary will hit 70 later this year, and her former rival Bernie Sanders is 75.

Will the White House soon become a nursing home? Young Americans, along with all their other political gripes, may wonder why no youngish presidential hopefuls showed up for the last election.

As old as those American politicians are, Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe in Africa, recently celebrated his 93rd birthday. He says he’s seeking another five-year term next year. Mugabe was first elected when the nation became independent in 1980.

After all, old Methuselah lived and begatted for 900 years. So, Bernie and Hillary, if you’re still White House wanna-bes and can keep breathing until 2020…..

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