Is Emperor Trump Galloping The U.S. Into War?

As an old Navy guy who served in two wars, the news that President Trump ordered a missile strike on Syria brings back bad memories. And the potential that the U.S. is once again in a war that will end in failure.

Doesn’t he realize that we’ve been in half a dozen wars since WW2, and haven’t won any of them? And this one has all the markings of another futile attempt by the U.S. to be the world firefighters who can never put out a fire?

Earlier presidents made similar bold and eventually futile moves. In 1950, Harry Truman jumped into the Korean War, and even today it has not yet ended. The same happened when Kennedy invaded Cuba in 1961. And then again with Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the hollow campaign slogan of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Is President Trump now ready to don his high school military academy uniform, mount his charger and lead U.S. troops into another futile war? Or, as with the previous failed American leaders of the free world, will Napoleon Trump fall and be exiled to isle of Mar-a-Lago?

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