Doris Day: Memories Of Her Greatest Hit

The great singer-actress celebrated her 95th birthday this month. Her voice was a symbol for all of the guys in WW2. It finally ended in late 1945. At that historic moment, millions of American soldiers, sailors and Marines were thankful they had survived history’s most bloody conflict.

The slow job of transporting us home from battlefields and oceans in Europe and Asia was just beginning. As we sat waiting in camps, ports and aboard troop ships, a popular new song by Doris Day dramatically expressed our feelings and longings to travel on a long-anticipated trip home:
Gonna take a sentimental journey.
Gonna set my heart at ease.
Gonna make a sentimental journey
To renew old memories.

I was at the Navy Fleet Landing in Manila, The Philippines, when the war ended. Even after all these years, I recall waiting to take my sentimental journey. For we veterans of WW2, her song will always be among our fondest memories. My sentimental and grateful wishes for Doris to enjoy a happy, healthy birthday and many, many more years.

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