North Korea Would Be Suicidal To Start A War

Question: Why do warlike nations always seem to be led by crazy-looking dictators. Remember Hitler and Mussolini? Does that ridiculously fat little twit with the silly haircut ever read about World War 2? What happened to Germany after Hitler attacked Russia? How about the final result following Japan’s sneak attack on the United States?

Additionally, with all his bluster about testing nuclear weapons he may send on a missile attack of the USA, he has to know the result will be total devastation of his homeland. His won’t be a surprise attack, because another fact is that today’s world is flooded with ever-advancing high-tech spying.

It’s certain that whatever he’s doing with his weapons systems, satellite eyes and radio ears of the world are already tuned in on his every move. Even in his supreme stupidity, he must suspect that recent failures in missile launch capacity were very likely deliberate electronic sabotage actions. They probably originate from advanced military listening posts in the USA.

Thus, he can also expect that at the moment when his addled brain and idiotically bemedalled generals decide to push the button, it could trigger another button somewhere in the USA. That will result in instantly turning North Korea into a nuclear furnace. Then it will be: Hey, Adolf and Benito, make room for another goofy-looking dictator to join you in Hell.

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