May Day: Let’s Celebrate By Waving Mexican Flags

My mom and dad arrived at Ellis Island as immigrant teens early in the 20th Century. Their parents came here to escape grinding religious and political persecution in Russia and Germany.

They also looked to America as the opportunity to rise from poverty and persecution. When they first arrived, my parents continued to endure prejudice here. However, they were never foolishly ungrateful by taking to the streets waving Russian or German flags.

Of course, as with today’s immigrants arriving, their lack of education and continuing social prejudice required they work in menial jobs. They endured it all with determination that their kids could break away from poverty and prejudice.

As with many other immigrant families, our parents’ struggles were successful. They didn’t take to the streets waving hateful signs and foreign flags. Their struggles in poverty resulted in sending their kids to college and on to professional careers.

You’ve escaped from a country where your life was doomed to poverty. So, if you must demonstrate on May Day and at future rallies, have the common sense and appreciation to wave the flag of your new, welcoming country.

One thought on “May Day: Let’s Celebrate By Waving Mexican Flags

  1. Henri Friend

    Had the immigration laws that exist today existed in the early 20th century, the history of Ellis Island would not have been a thing. Individuals like your mother and father would not have been allowed to seek a safe haven in the United States to escape from persecution.

    This is the current status of millions of refugees fleeing far-right religious violence in the Middle East and countless more fleeing the violence of the drug wars in Latin America.



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