Kathy Griffin: Cut Her Some Slack, Not Her Throat

Wow, the comedienne really must have done something disgustingly evil! Both far right nutcase Republicans and far left crazed Democrats want to do to Kathy exactly what her Trump severed head photo portrays. That’s the first thing the political parties have agreed on since Lexington and Concord.

I disagree with those who want to destroy her career, or worse, destroy her. I belong to a fast-disappearing minority who enjoy her comedy. It’s biting, outrageous and sometimes downright dirty. However, she always does it brilliantly, often making herself the butt of her jokes.

When Leno and Letterman retired, I thought Kathy the best candidate for a late-night talk show. Considering what we must endure every evening from the current crop of boring, no-talent hosts, my opinion grows ever stronger in her favor.

What’s shocking about Kathy’s outrageous photo of a bloody Donald Trump head? Of course, the initial thought comes from the too-obvious comparison with what bloodthirsty Middle East terrorists do to victims. Kathy quickly admitted it was a gross display of bad taste. As she’s finding out now, there are limits to what comedians should do to get public attention.

So, let’s get some perspective before we shout: off with her head! This nonagenarian’s memory goes back to personal experiences with murderous hate in World War 2. As an 18-year-old in Navy boot camp, my training with weapons was emphasized to kill those dirty Japs and lousy Krouts.

Of course, Japanese and German 18-year-old recruits were also taught how to kill me. Worse, as in all modern wars, the encouraged murder wasn’t confined to soldier killing soldier.

As the war was ending in 1945, air raids over enemy cities became more and more massive. The bombings of Tokyo, Berlin, Dresden and other targets killed thousands of children and women. And on the very last week of the war, the two atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Of course, World War 2 was not the last of it. There was Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and more. Recent air raids in Syria caused many civilian deaths, and it goes on and on.

Does it all make you stop and think? Kathy Griffin’s beheading joke isn’t quite as offensive as real wars, air raids and suicide bombings that cause never-ending inhuman destruction.

One thought on “Kathy Griffin: Cut Her Some Slack, Not Her Throat

  1. akiwigirlabroad

    Its all about perspective isn’t it.
    Those who have been so bothered by this image are the first to ignore when similar images were made of Barack.

    It was in poor taste and Kathy is paying for it, but when I saw it I wasn’t surprised – he invites it.



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