Tattoos May Be Why You Didn’t Get That Job

Does it ever occur to a heavily skin-pictured applicant that to a prospective boss, his/her physical appearance may be frightening? Employers may ponder: Why do such odd-looking people expect anything else? Are they seeking rejection just so they can be even more hostile?

Of course, in this day of more relaxed attitudes, and for certain jobs, the tattooed applicant may get the job. But in those situations, even the most liberal bosses may fear hiring a potential on-the-job troublemaker.

To some, heavy skin designs often identify people associated with violent city gangs, outlaw motorcycle clubs and former prison inmates. What employer isn’t going to think twice before hiring any of those graphically anti-social types?

When I joined the Navy as a teenager in World War II, tattoos were traditional for centuries. Many of the most fancy were on veteran sailors who had served in the Far East in the 1930s. There was a label for a seasoned gob covered with tattoos. He was said to have gone Asiatic, i.e. crazy. It still applies to those who choose to cover their skin with pictures.

Of course, thinking myself already an old salt at age 18, along with other new boot camp grads, I was tempted to go out and get tattooed. Fortunately, I never got that drunk and resisted the urge. Think of how those images would look today on my wrinkled, saggy 91-year-old skin.

One thought on “Tattoos May Be Why You Didn’t Get That Job

  1. akiwigirlabroad

    Have to say as a manager, I would never hire someone with visible tattoos – not only would it be unsuitable (Investment Banking) I really hate them and think that people that get them have self esteem issues.



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