What If Earlier Presidents Could Tweet On Twitter

Donald Trump is the first to use Twitter daily to let everyone know what he’s doing, thinking or disliking. Just suppose what other Presidents would do if they had the same opportunity:
George Washington: One more joke about my wooden teeth and I’ll wig out.
Millard Fillmore: If I’d been able to tweet, I’d be the most famous President ever.
Abe Lincoln: I don’t care what the critics say about the play, I’m going to Ford’s Theater tonight.
Teddy Roosevelt: Wait for my tweet before you guys charge up San Juan Hill.
Woodrow Wilson: I’m declaring war on Germany, and I promise, this will be the war to end all wars.
Richard Nixon: I am not a crook! I just tweet like a crook.
Bill Clinton: I did not commit tweet with that woman.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: We have nothing to fear except fear itself. Unless some blustering guy with orange hair becomes President.

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