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I turned 92 in August of this year. After a lifetime writing for other people, I finally hung out my own shingle and share old guy opinions with the world. A grad of the University of the Arts and University of Pennsylvania, I served in the Navy 1943-46, and recalled to active duty in the Korean War 1951-53. I then spent 35 years in public relations, advertising and sales promotion. "90 Is The New Black" is my daily rant on current news, sports, health, travel, careers, entertainment, sports, relationships and, of course, problems of advanced age. I retired in 1990. Since then, I've posted more than 10,000 creative articles, photos and cartoons on editorial websites and other media. In addition to this site, I post two articles daily on

Why Insanely High Pay For Talk Show Gabbers?

I often gripe about pro athletes making millions annually for playing schoolyard games for half the year. In another jealous mood, I hate talk shows. As if we didn’t have enough of the boring hours, there’s a flood of new ones always starting up with the same lazy butt yakking theme.

My question is: Why do those women just sit on their substantial posteriors and get millions annually for just gabbing and listening to others gabble? They don’t sing, dance, play an instrument, quote Shakespeare nor even cook a chicken.

At least the pro jocks must wear funny costumes, run, jump and sweat for their big paychecks. The talk show yakkers don’t even have to move their big butts nor dyed hair. They grab lots of bucks for just staying awake in their chairs for an hour each on five days a week. Oh, the humanity!

National Anthem Screeching Brings Back WW2 Memories

Big discussion going on about singer Fergie performing the song at the recent NBA All-Star Game. To her many fans, it was her just being the creative Fergie. To traditional music lovers and strict patriots, it was high treason.

My National Anthem memories go back to 1945, when WW2 ended. Just before my 20th birthday in August, two atomic bombs caused the Japanese to surrender. My ship, a Navy attack transport, was ordered to proceed from its berth in the Philippines to Shanghai.

We were to pick up freed American prisoners of war and bring them back to the Philippines for medical treatment, followed by air and ship passage home to America. When we approached the Shanghai docks, we could see they were cheering and waving. We brought several hundred to bunk in our troop compartments.

They were all in rags and painfully thin as a result of the cruel Japanese treatment during their years of captivity. After showers and new clothes, as they lined up on deck for their first Navy meal, some began to sing.

First, it was the National Anthem, but their weak physical conditions and dry throats couldn’t hit the high notes. Then some of my shipmates started singing “God Bless America”, and all the POWs joined in with the more melodic song. Maybe that’s what Fergie should have done.

Latest School Shooting Brings Out The Pseudo Experts

Of course, the enforcement of existing weapons laws must always be in place. Calls for more strict enforcement will do nothing to stop random incidents by mentally sick killers with illegal guns.

Over the decades, the weapons-ban experts have singled out their warped reasons why it happens. Today it was an insane teen. In the 1990s, it was black on white killing and/or white on black murder. In the 1970s, it was drugged hippies gone wild. In the late 1940s, when more than 10 million World War 2 vets re-entered society, the headlines often were: Ex-GI With Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome Shoots And Kills.…

As long as gun stores are free to sell weapons and ammo to anyone who shows paperwork, whether legit or false, the killings will go on. Also, as long as illegal arms and hard drugs shipments continue to cross the U.S. border without interruption from Mexico and South America, the killings will go on.

Homeless In Hollywood: Inflated Housing

When your tourist ventures include Hollywood Boulevard, you’ll enjoy all the attractions, including the Walk of Fame, vintage movie theaters, souvenir shops, tours of star homes, costumed characters and all the rest. You’ll also encounter other, less entertaining sights.

The famed boulevard is also a sad location for many homeless wanderers. When I worked for a newspaper there in the late 1950s, my one-bedroom apartment rent was $80 a month. In same building it now costs $1,800. With housing and everything else these days grossly expensive and getting worse, the homeless situation throughout the Los Angeles area continues to grow.

Hollywood is still enjoyable to visit, and if a costumed character poses with you for a photo, offer a couple of dollars. However, if you don’t want to give money directly to homeless people there because they’re possibly drug and alcohol addicts, you can still help them. Donate to authorized charities, such as Red Cross, Salvation Army and others specializing in offering shelter, rehab and other professional aid to them.

Get Up, Get Out & Get On The Road

As warm weather approaches, this could be the year when you’ll complete your wandering bucket list you’ve been dreaming about for decades. Put the old family car, yourself and companion into tip-top shape, load up the smartphone with all the necessary map info, as well as audio books, music and other items to make the long stretches more comfy.

For experiencing the good old USA, consider just a few suggestions:
The Grand Canyon: Mother Nature at her most creative carving.
Mount Rushmore: Stand in awe before our greatest presidents.
New York City: Never-ending day and night entertainment and dining.
Yellowstone National Park: Forests, hills and trees all around.
Route 66: Chicago to Santa Monica: See America and get your kicks.
Pacific Coast Highway: LA to Monterey: Fantastic beach and ocean views.

Safety tips: Be sure car is in tip-top shape, do it with at least two drivers, book motels ahead, relax in rest stops, drive midnight to 4 am, especially driving through big cities.

When Did I Agree That My Lawn Is Your Dog Toilet?

Hey, I love dogs. I enjoyed my faithful Sheltie for nearly 20 years. We always practiced sane poop and pee sessions. When out in the neighborhood, I always carried plastic bags and damp, soapy paper towels. Whenever my dog did his duty, I cleaned up thoroughly.

Today, I’m proud of my home’s nice green grass and mow it regularly. Sadly, it’s visited daily by canine visitors, along with clueless owners who don’t clean up after them. As bad as they are in residential areas, many dumb dog owners walk through our busy commercial streets while their dogs to poop on the sidewalks.

Those thoughtless idiots rarely clean up, causing disgusting hazards for pedestrians. Simple solutions: Tho often you may deserve to have your nose rubbed in it, when your dog soils a lawn or city sidewalk, do your civic duty and clean up thoroughly.