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Oldest Brit Says Booze Helps For Long, Healthy Life

According to the London Daily Mail, Grace Jones (not THAT Grace Jones) just celebrated her 112th birthday. Photos show her to be a lively, lovely senior lady, and she reveals her secret is a shot of whiskey every night.

I was never a drinker in my early years. As a 19-year-old-sailor in 1945 in the newly-liberated Philippines, guys from our advanced Navy unit in Manila went to a local bar to celebrate the end of World War 2. I drank several glasses of native brew, became unconscious and was driven back to our tent on floor of our truck.

I found out the next day that the home-made denatured alcohol booze was poisonous, resulting in the death of several other sailors. I didn’t drink for many years, but for the nearly 30 years since retirement one evening shot helps me sleep. Tonight I’ll raise my glass to you, Grace!

Ads = Stealing All The Money We Can Grab From Suckers

Ooooh, gas at this station is only $4.99.9 a gallon. Gee, if it were as way up high as $5, I couldn’t afford it. Of course, the thieving oil industry is famous for robbing people with all of its greasy products. However, other merchants practice the same scam with the 99¢ pricing, hoping stupid customers believe they’re getting lower prices with that lone penny below the whole number.

Along with those phony fuel ads, the auto industry is actually more devious than gas stations at robbing customers. There’s the typical, sleazy used car salesmen who lies about the car’s condition and everything else. Tho it doesn’t seem possible, selling new cars can actually be even more crooked than their fellow used car thieves.

In ads, they offer cash back deals on purchases. That literally means after you pay full price for the new gas guzzler, some of your own money will allegedly be returned to you. Now, let’s examine that idiotic premise. You hand over a stack of money to purchase the car, and then the generous car dealer actually gives back some you’ve just shelled out. Wouldn’t it make simple sense if you could ignore the needless exchange and pay the so-called reduced price?

Doncha Just Love Them Ads On Web Comments Columns

The English grammar is so hilariously bad, anyone with a working brain could tell they’re total scams. The quick-money pitches offer big incomes for just a few hours of daily online work at home. I enjoy ‘em so much, I may write my own ad. Of course, I’m not able to match the fantastic creativity or create a name straight out of the Arabian Nights, but here it is:

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More Molesting TV Chiefs & Movie Moguls Lose Jobs

The big shot at CBS, TV producers, Hollywood moguls, actors, politicians, news anchors, cardinal sinners and more. The shocking news reports of accusations against horny men never seem to stop. Do you believe it’s a contemporary scandal, or could it have happened way back in history? F’rinstance, the top ten from the woman’s angle:

Eve: Unhand me, Adam, or I’ll sic the serpent on you!
Cleo: Tony, watch those roamin’ Roman hands!
Delilah: Hey, Sam, I get paid to dance, not fool with musclebound guys!
Josephine: Napoleon, take your hand off me and put it back in your vest!
Guinevere: First, tell me why they call you Lancelot.
Juliet: Stop romeoing around on my balcony!
Pocahontas: Why do all the white guys tell me their name is John Smith?
Martha: Georgie, I also cannot tell a lie about my cherry.
Hillary: Bill, that’s not why it’s called the Oval Office!
Stormy: Donald, the big red tie and orange hairpiece keep getting in the way!

My Daily Hike Through Glamorous West Hollywood

Just a few blocks away from posh Beverly Hills and the glamorous Sunset Strip, I’m out strolling every day along Santa Monica Boulevard at 10 am and again at 2 pm. I do see lovely scenery, chauffeured limos, upscale stores, fashionable shoppers and familiar celebs. However, other daily sights are not quite so pleasant.

Because the avenue is also the last few miles of Route 66 that ends at the Pacific Ocean beaches of the city of Santa Monica, it’s haven for many wandering homeless. Sidewalks serve as temporary resting places after a night of drinking and/or drugs, some with temporary cardboard shelters. Beggars stand at grocery entrances, hoping shoppers will donate money or share food.

The placid sidewalks can also be hazardous to families and elderly walkers. Not only from violent addicts, but by even more dangerous bikers and scooter riders who illegally race along the sidewalks. So, if you’re not so young any more and plan to stroll the city streets, make sure you follow all the safety rules. And by the way, did I mention the fresh dog poo deposited every few feet along the sidewalks?