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World’s Oldest President May Stay For 100th Birthday

President Trump will be 71 in a couple of months. That’s about six years older than when most working people check out to enjoy their sunset years. Hillary will hit 70 later this year, and her former rival Bernie Sanders is 75.

Will the White House soon become a nursing home? Young Americans, along with all their other political gripes, may wonder why no youngish presidential hopefuls didn’t show up for the last election.

As old as those American politicians are, Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe in Africa, recently celebrated his 93rd birthday. He says he’s seeking another five-year term next year. Mugabe was first elected when the nation became independent in 1980.

After all, old Methuselah lived and begatted for 900 years. So, Bernie and Hillary, if you’re still White House wanna-bes and can keep breathing until 2020…..

Love And Understanding Solve Senior Moments

As with anyone of my advanced age, I experience annoying mental pauses. Forgetting a familiar face, misplacing my smartphone, confusion, frustration, anger. Most incidents are not preludes to deteriorating sanity, such as dementia or senility.

They’re merely the natural slowing down mentally and physically. It can happen at any time at any age between 40 and 90. If you have a loved one with the symptoms, consider ways to manage senior moments:

1. Resist the inclination to meet anger with anger, and show understanding and patience. Ask the senior to explain the confusing moment, and guide the situation to a favorable conclusion. For example: Forgot where you put your purse? Let me help you. Do you leave it in the same place every night before bedtime? Let’s start there.

2. Suggest a period of rest. It’s only natural that old age tends to slow the mind down, as it does to the body, and can lead to exhaustion. For example: Maybe you’re just doing too much right now, and can’t think straight. It happens to all of us. Let’s sit for awhile, take a few breaths and tackle this problem with your prescriptions again after a little rest.

3. Offer something to eat and drink. Often senior moments happen because they forget to keep up with necessary food and medications. Weakness and confusion often affect thinking. For example: I’ve looked in your fridge, and all the food we brought you three days ago is still there.

I’ve checked your meds in the bathroom cabinet, and you’ve neglected to take some. Let’s go to your favorite restaurant and get some nourishing food. Take your meds along, and we’ll make sure you’re back on schedule.

4. Family members in constant touch with elderly relatives should check frequently by phone to avoid missed appointments and other important tasks. For example: Let’s go over your schedule and make sure we’re not missing anything.

5. Do more intense monitoring if senior moments are happening more frequently. If they involve danger, such as driving or cooking, take immediate steps to get medical help. For example: You fell asleep with your stove burners on and almost started a house fine. Or, you’ve had two fender-bender accidents lately. Don’t you think it’s time for you to give up driving?

Managing senior moments can be most successful if both the elderly person andfamily members share in solving the problems. By keeping in close contact , those unwelcome happenings can be worked out safely and peacefully together.

Ooooh! U.S. Marines Are Real Naughty!

The media has been howling that some contemporary Gyrenes are sending out dirty pictures over the internet. Oh, no! I’m shocked! Absolutely shocked! How could they be so horny?

Way, way back then, this old Navy guy helped ship Marines to Iwo Jima and Okinawa invasions in the closing months of World War 2. The 2,500 Marines aboard our troop transport sailings were all religious virgins.

Of course, way back then they didn’t have the internet for picturing filthy stuff like naked bodies. I fondly remember they were pure, well-trained fighting kids of my age, around 17 and 18. And they had absolutely no interest in sex.

Before overseas combat assignments, I clearly recall how those young Marines behaved at the training areas of Camp Pendleton, California, and Hawaii. Every one of them was sworn to purity. When they were given liberty time to go into San Diego and Honolulu, they spent all the hours at church or other spiritual inspiration locations.

Of course, everything I’ve written here so far is deliberately and idiotically wrong in describing Marines of World War 2, as well as those lusty guys of today. Thousands of teenage Marines who fought at Iwo Jima and Okinawa died in the final months of World War 2.

I hope they first had the chance to find love, whether sacred or profane, before their too brief, young lives were lost.

Subway Says CBC Lies & Sues For $210 Million!

The fake chicken accusation was by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. It crowed to the world that Subway sandwich chicken is 50% soy filler. That ruffled the feathers of the sandwichers so much that they’re seeking that enormous pay-off, which is certainly not chicken feed.

There are two Subway eateries within walking distance of this old Navy feather merchant (Chief Journalist). I patronize both, and find the freshly-prepared sandwiches are always delicious. To my ancient palate, the meat tastes as if it had been cackling in the hen house just a few days earlier.

My only complaint about Subway is that the workers behind the counter often look henpecked. While the employees are all good eggs, they move around with yardbird eyes, and seem depressed in their cooped-up jobs. Is it because they’re too chicken to ask for a raise?

Trump May Cut Funds For Meals On Wheels

That’s just one government service among the many that will be sliced from the national budget, if the President has his way. Money saved, he contends, will be used to finance constructing the Mexican border wall.

Because most of the people who now receive the free Meals On Wheels service are elderly and poor, I have a better idea. How about rounding up all those old geezers and shipping them to the border. For as long as it takes to wall up the 3,000 miles, give each of the elderly builders a trowel, a stack of bricks and a bucket of wet cement.

Assign the U.S. border guards to stop shooting Mexican kids long enough to supervise the construction of the wall. Then, no more than once or twice a day, let the geezers rest for a few minutes while modest meals on wheels are doled out to them. By the way, watch out for a guy named Moses who may show up and command them to let his people go.

Why Do We Let Those Dirty Aliens Into Our Country?

As the newly-arrived immigrant family made it’s way up the street, American citizens stared and sneered. “Look at the way they dress. Shabby clothes, men with long beards and women with heads always covered.

Worse, they practice religions with all kinds of crazy prayers. And those filthy immigrants rent the cheapest places in town, with six or eight of them all sleeping in the same shabby room.”

More citizen anger at the strange people: “Employers won’t hire them, except for the lowest paying jobs no Americans would take. They’ll never fit in, because of their mumbo-jumbo cult. They keep speaking in their foreign language, and won’t ever learn English.”

Sound familiar? Did the scene and angry comments just happen today in some Arizona town above the Mexican border? Or yesterday at a New York airport after a flight from the Middle East arrived?

Actually, it was 1907, at the shipyard docks in Philadelphia. My mother, age 10, her four sisters, two brothers and parents had just arrived. They came to America after a long journey across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. They had escaped from a Jewish ghetto in Kiev, Russia, burned down by Cossacks.