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Are New Zealand Murders Result Of Historic Hate Teachings?

Nutcase gunmen killed 49 men, women and children during Friday prayers at two mosques in the city of Christchurch. Of course, when mass murder happens in peacetime, the news is shocking. During the heat of war, it’s considered normal procedures.

Now in my very advanced age and after personal experiences with war and peace, somehow I feel this tragedy is just the continuation of the human condition. Go back in history to crusades, conquests, invasions and other reasons for murder. It’s a never-ending series of everything from single killings to total exterminations.

When reviewing, it makes little or no sense. In my memories, the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor happened when I was 16. I could hardly wait to join the Navy at 17 to get at those dirty Japs. It all ended in 1945 with the mass murder of 200 thousand Japanese men, women and children in single atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Then, just six years later, as a member of a Navy Reserve Carrier Air Croup, I was called back for active duty. By then the Japanese were our good buddies who welcomed American naval, military and money for the war in Korea. At the same time, Germany and Italy, our deadly WW2 enemies, were now our allies against former pals Russia and China. The names and places are different today, but not the human urge to kill each other.

The murders in New Zealand may have more current reasons, but the outcome is the same. Whether for politics, religion or other beliefs, or committed by nations or individuals, or with rifles or atomic bombs, the inhuman slaughter continues.

Actresses Indicted For Getting Dumb Rich Kids Into College

As if paying off administrators to accept academically unqualified students is something new. You only need to look at football and basketball programs where high school star jocks become college students with no academic qualifications.

They spend their college years without needing to attend classes, because their playing brings in big bucks to the colleges. They qualify for skills that not only get them admitted, but assurance that they’ll graduate and go on to fabulously overpaid pro careers.

And speaking of rich kids who got into college by paying off the administrators. How about the 1960s tale of a tow-headed, bone-spurred young student who was accepted by the University of Pennsylvania after, it has been rumored, his billionaire daddy made a substantial contribution.