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Hey, Old Blogger! Why Have You Lived So Long?

I’m often asked (other than: why are you out in public with your fly zipper open?) how I’ve lived my almost 93 years. And why I’m still in relatively good physical and mental health.

I may respond: I just keep breathing. However, there are more reasons, and if they’ll help others, I humbly submit here. One is, after puffing an entire barfy pack of Lucky Strikes sickened me at age 15, I never smoked anything again. Sadly, too many heavy smoking friends and family didn’t make it to age 60. Of course, I was never stupid enough to get addicted to marijuana nor other hard drugs.

I’ve always exercised regularly, and still hike at least two miles daily. Beyond physical activity, I also keep my ancient brain functioning by shooting photos as I walk. I post them daily, along with written gripes and opinions on this old guy blog and other websites.

Did I mention that I also follow a popular booze suggestion about elderly health from some very smart doctors? For this old guy, one shot or mixed alcoholic drink just before beddy-bye positively calms me after an active day, and helps start a quick trip to dreamland.

Separation Of Young Kids From Families Isn’t New

Of course, it’s tragic that young undocumented (illegal) immigrant families from Mexico are caught and detained in the US. As news media images now sympathetically exhibit, it’s a terrible ordeal for the kids. This has happened in much more horrifying numbers and casualties throughout history. World War II is an example.

The Japanese invaded China in the 1930s, a few years before they got the idea to murder 4,000 American military and civilian kids in Pearl Harbor. The streets of Nanking became Japanese killing grounds for thousands of Chinese children. Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and the most brutal Nazi extermination plans murdered millions of Jewish families and kids. Throughout World War II, along with the horrible civilian casualties, kids were separated from their refugee families.

As the war progressed, the Japanese and German military killed thousands in air bombings in the Philippines, England, France, the Netherlands and Russia. Then, when the war went against the bad guys, Allied bombings killed thousands in Germany and Japan.

Finally, in 1945, in a dramatic war-ending event, two American atomic bombs killed two hundred thousand Japanese civilian children and adults in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the time, I was with a forward U.S. Navy unit in the Philippines, while American forces were freeing the islands from Japanese occupation. Then, Japan surrendered and the war ended, I celebrated my 19th birthday and was no longer a kid! So, I can sympathize with your problems, illegal alien children of today!

Hey, Casino Gambler: Consider How Inflation Affects Plans

For our first decade after retirement in 1990s, we went to Vegas four or five times a year. Rooms were cheap or free, buffets cheap or free, entertainment cheap or free and flights cheap. Once in awhile, we actually won in the casinos. Not big, but sometimes it paid for the Vegas stay. Mostly, losing at the tables and machines, it cost about $200 for each day there. Well worth it for the fun, food and music. That was then.

While our retirement income has gone up a total of only 10% in two decades, Las Vegas costs have increased 100% and more. Hotel rooms were $35, now $350, and freebee rooms today are rare. Buffet dinners were $7, now $40. Shows were $25, now $200. Parking was free, now $25 a day and more. Airfare from the one-hour flight from Tucson AZ was $70, now $200.

Tips, local taxes and other piled-on expenses greatly increase the already high cost of doing a Vegas vacation. If you plan to gamble away your kids’ inheritances there, be prepared to pay a lot more. Or just spend a day at a nearby Native American casino for the same experience without all the inflated transportation and overnighting costs

Online Ads More Obnoxious Than TV Commercials

Did you ever think it was possible to be annoyed more than by those endlessly repeated TV interruptions? Be prepared for worse. Now when you click in on your computer or smartphone to view the news or other information, never-ending, unwanted ads get plastered over the screen.

Sometimes there’s a tiny x on one corner of the ad, so you can mercifully erase and return to what you’re trying to see. However, these days the obnoxious ad is more likely to stay on the screen and block out what you’re trying to see until you just give up in disgust and go to another website.

And, of course, never fall for the click bait title Sponsored and Paid Content. Open them and your screen will show only forever floods of unwanted, endlessly repeated disgusting ads for phony cure-all meds, minimum-wage restaurant chains and grossly overpriced gas guzzling road hog cars.