CNN: Electric Scooters Suddenly A Multi-Billion $$$ Business

According to the news service, in just one year, with financial and investment growth, Bird Rides are wheeling along in large cities across the USA. The handy electric two-wheelers go up to 15 miles per hour, are rented via a computer app, cost $1 to unlock and 15¢ per minute to ride.

While many people enjoy the economy, convenient transport and availability of the scooters, not everyone is pleased about scooters scooting up and down busy city sidewalks. For some, particularly the elderly, handicapped and families with small kids, there is need to dodge the speedy vehicles, as well as growing dangers of collisions. Also, because the scooters can be left almost anywhere after use, there is danger, especially at night, of tripping over them on darkened sidewalks.

Historic Immigrant Kid Who Wasn’t Allowed Into The USA

It was 75 years ago when Otto Frank and his Jewish family were denied visas in 1943 to emigrate from Nazi-held Netherlands to America. In her famous diary, his 13-year-old daughter, Anne, told of hiding in their Amsterdam apartment. Then, on the fatal day in 1945, they were all taken away to concentration camps, where Anne died just as WW2 in Europe was ending.

Question: If the Frank parents and children had today illegally crossed the border, do you think they would be separated and forbidden to stay in the USA?

Holy Smoke! Religious People Live longer Than Atheists

The London Daily Mail says research proves that statement. In my opinion, the extra four years only seem longer, because the true believers spend so much time on their knees praying.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be 93, and the only time I’ve ever offered serious knee kneeling prayer was during World War 2. That’s when my Navy troop ship carried GIs into the invasion of the Philippines and Marines into Iwo Jima. Then I fervently prayed I’d make it to my 20th birthday.

Quality Of Care At VA Hospitals Is From Poor To Criminal

According to a recent USA Today report, the info isn’t surprising. The same conditions apply to most civilian nursing homes. Typically, while owners and executives get rich, the working staff is usually underpaid, under qualified and unconcerned about their elderly clients.

Unfortunately, the basic incentive is to keep the residents alive as long as possible, so that they continue the money flowing in from government and families. And that cost today is considerable. Nursing home care in the 1980s was typically $500 a month. Today it’s $5,000 a month, and with much lower standards of care.

My Camera Sees Tragic, All-Too-Familiar Scene

I made this shot  just a few days ago near glamorous Hollywood Boulevard, Of course, the same scene could be in Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco or dozens of other famed tourist destinations in the USA.

If you want to help those unfortunate wanderers, there are more effective ways than just handing them a few dollars. Seek info on programs for the homeless by familiar agencies, such as the Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, National Coalition For The Homeless and others in your hometown. Make your contributions to one or more of those organizations that provide professional help for those in need.

Fantastic Canon Power Shot SX720HS Captured Scene

This isn’t an ad for the camera, but this old ham photogger is amazed at the incredible result. I was across the busy city street the other day, at least 30 yards away from her. I extended the 35mm camera’s built-in telephoto lens and clicked. In long-ago career years, I never could achieve such sharp long distance results with my 4×5 Speed Graphic.

4th Of July: Is Fighting Murderous Wars Worth Celebrating?

As I’ve drifted into advanced old age, and when we celebrate holidays, I thought I’d become more patriotic. However, even tho I did Navy service in two wars, the opposite has happened in my fading brain.

I’ve finally concluded that all wars, along with their human devastation, are totally stupid. For examples, on July 4 we celebrate winning a war against England. Except for a little fracas in 1812, England has been our best buddy ever since.

The Civil War required teen boys from the North to murder teen boys from the South, bringing our nation together as one democracy. Well, look at today’s headlines. World War 1 saw the U.S. fighting Germany. Just two decades later, in WW2, we fought Germany again, today our best buddy. Also, in that war, we did the teenage boy murders (I was 18 and 19 then) with Japan. And now our roads are flooded with Toyotas.

And our best buddies in WW2, Russia and China, are not so friendly these days. Another confusion about patriotic celebrations, history shows that nations are led into wars by totally insane clowns like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm and King George III. Unfortunately, several of today’s world leaders are all too similarly clownish. Well, anyhow, have a happy holiday!