TV Ads: Non-Stop Pains In Butt & Brain

Just suppose you’re reading a book or watching a beautiful sunset. Suddenly, an obnoxious guy pushes a big sign into your face. It offers instant bowel relief, grossly-overpriced cars, useless insurance, awful fast food, crooked lawyers and other unwelcome messages.

“Hey,” you complain. “I didn’t ask you to interrupt me.” The guy chortles, then continues to block your eyes with a dozen more signs, each with an equally offensive message. Most are the same tiresome words and images that have already been shoved in front of your tired eyes hundreds of times.

That’s what happens to us 24 hours a day. Worse, we’re sheepishly conditioned to accept it. They started a half-century or so ago as commercials on our 8-inch TV sets. And in case you haven’t noticed, today they’re taking over everywhere. In addition to TV, they now spread their unwanted pitches on our computers and smartphone screens.

In old TV days, comedian Jack Benny pushed Jello for two minutes out of his comedy hour, Bob Hope’s hour did two or three Pepsodent ads. Since then, commercials have gone from just a few minutes per hour to 15 or more, often pounding viewers with five and more offensive ads in a row. And there are the endless infomercials.

Early TV ads were light, often funny and not too intrusive. The intent of product pushers today is to beat your brains, ears and eyes until you buy their snake oil. The worst offense is that the exact same obnoxious commercials are repeated dozen of times daily for months, sometimes years.

How stupid do they think viewers are when creepy advertisers apply their old Soviet Russian brainwashing technique? They repeat, repeat and repeat the same pitch to aggressively push their insurance, cable services, phony medical miracles, fat-reducing pills, greasy fast food and overpriced cars.

Car makers and dealers haven’t changed since early TV days. They were crooks then, and still are, but now they use even more clever ways to rob buyers, such as the money back scam. For example, when you purchase your new $25,000 gas guzzler, the ads say the dealer will generously give you $1,500.

Hey, wait a minute, let me get this straight. You promise you’ll give me back some of my own money I’ve just paid you. Duh, wouldn’t it be much simpler if you just charged me $23,500 for the car? Or are you afraid I might read the small print a bit more closely, and discover the robbery you’re sneaking in?

We don’t need government regulations to curtail the ever-more aggressive, crooked and repetitious ads. We all know that whatever government tries to regulate inevitably just gets worse, along with some under-the-table bribes to our upstanding politicians.

Let’s hope the advertisers eventually realize that those never-ending sales pitches are having exactly the opposite effect than intended. Some of the most offensive are click bait online ads, usually titled ad content or sponsored. When you click into an online news article, instead you get tiresome ads blocking out your screen and invading your brain.

Decide you won’t buy insurance from an obnoxious lizard, toilet paper from Charmin, never use any product with never-ending TV ads nor get a car where the dealer promises to give you back some of your own money.

And no more heartburn from that Mexican restaurant chain that runs the same heartburning ad dozens of times daily. OK, get my message? If not, I’ll keep repeating it over, and over, and over…..

Old Guy Reflects On Sex: We’re All Accidents

These days, it seems we’re inundated with sex in the media and everywhere else. It’s our President grabbing crotches, movies full of dirty words, rock stars spewing curses and smartphone porn.

Of course, preachers and little old ladies are still shocked at what they religiously believe. We’re breaking down behavior rules that have kept our society clean for two centuries. However, let’s just consider the reality of sex. Whether we originated in a honeymoon hotel suite, cheap motel room or the back seat of a car, very few of us were planned by our parents.

As with all animals, Mother Nature uses sex as the necessity to continue our species. All the romancing, smiling, grunting, groaning and sweating are just part of the natural process. So, next time you put on your sexiest clothing, bathe yourself in sweet scents and join that special person. Enjoy an evening that begins with dining, dancing, romancing, dirty talk movie or TV, but be aware.

Your mother may be shocked at what you’ll be doing to top off that special evening. Nevertheless, happily realize you’re only following Mother Nature’s requirements for keeping the planet occupied. Of course, whether it’s worth all the effort in this violently troubled world is something to consider later.

Is Donald Trump The Worst President Since….

Uh, wait a minute. How about some others who were not so great: Obama, Bush guys, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, Nixon, Johnson, Hoover, er…maybe Chester A. Arthur. Anyhow, the current Trump fuss isn’t all about him. So, what’s so wrong with the Trump kids playing footsie with the Russkies? It isn’t the first time.

This old sailor remembers during World War 2, when the great Franklin D. Roosevelt sat down with friendly dictator Joe Stalin. We all cheered about what best buddies they were. Fighting allies against the evil Germans. And joined in helping the noble Chinese fight off the brutal Japanese.

Then, soon after the war, when haberdasher Harry Truman was president, things were quickly reversed. Our new pals, Germany and Japan, helped us stand up against the evil Russkies. Soon, in 1950, when North Korea invaded South Korea, we all knew the evil Russkie and Chinese Commies were their best buddies.

So, we got involved in a war that still hasn’t ended. Everyone is still frightened today, including the Chinese and Russkies, about a fat little North Korean dictator with a funny haircut. He’s now boasting he can send nuclear rockets to wipe out all the evil Americans.

Can anyone blame this very old and confused guy, who served in World War 2 and Korea, for not naming Donald Trump the worst? Our current leader of the free world will have to work very hard in screwing up to match those other guys.

Attention, Gamblers: Nevada Legalizes Marijuana

Las Vegas and Reno attract this old guy with glittering entertainment, posh hotels, never-ending buffets and flashy casinos. Of course, all of that isn’t just to make customers happy.

Strip it all away, and the purpose is to take your money. This isn’t a lecture about the evils of gambling, but just a simple warning, particularly to elders who enjoy spending twilight years time in the Silver State.

Casinos may now decide to use legal marijuana as they do free booze. While you’re gambling, employees may keep you supplied with fresh weed. Over-indulgence fogs the brain and besotted gamblers become less likely to make intelligent decisions at the tables and slot machines.

Take warning! Therefore, while gambling in Nevada and other casinos, as with excessive booze, go easy on the weed. Realistically, your chances of winning are still slim. However, if your head is clear, at least the odds are slightly better. Then you may be able to keep some of your hard-earned bucks for those ungrateful kids and grandkids.

Los Angeles CA: Most Homeless City In The USA

Just a short distance from the posh beaches of Malibu, glittering streets of Hollywood and rich mansions of Beverly Hills, more than 5,000 homeless live on the sidewalks of Los Angeles.

I see the wanderers on daily walks along busy Santa Monica Avenue, where they trod east to downtown LA or west to Pacific Ocean beaches. At night they rest on the sidewalks, on park benches, and in makeshift tents.

Many of the homeless are veterans, some from the most recent wars in the Middle East, as well as elderly vets of earlier wars. Wouldn’t it be a happy miracle if our government decided to spend less money preparing for the next war, and use it to to decare war on the poverty in its streets.

Who’ll Pay To See Mayweather-McGregor “Fight”?

Gone are the days of legitimate boxing matches and genuine fighters. Any sports fans remember Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jack Dempsey and Rocky Marciano?

It’s obvious that today’s so-called championship fights are jokes. Consider the waltz of Mayweather and Pacquiao two years ago. The latest example is scheduled for August 26 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, appropriately the most honest city in America. Estimates are that Mayweather will take home more than $100 million.

Ireland’s former welfare recipient McGregor will have to accept a measly $75 million. That’s a nice amount for a mixed martial artist who has never been in a traditional boxing ring before.

It’ll cost stay-at-home fans $100 to see pay per view TV of the dancing couple, while ringside arena seats go for up to $10 thousand. Those in way-way-back cheap seats of the huge arena will pay a bargain $500. If you intend to spend money on this farce, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you real cheap.

Are You Lagging In Saving For Golden Years?

Hey, career person! You’re only 25, 35 or 45 years old. Who cares about what happens 20 or 40 years from now? Answer: You do, and start some serious thinking about it right now!

It’s never too early nor too late to anticipate financial needs when reaching retirement age. If within even 20 years of hitting that critical time, do serious thinking about it. Plan to have enough income to take care of all post-retirement living expenses.

The best way to start is to make a list of anticipated sources of income. They usually include pension, Social Security, interest-bearing investments and other assets. It’s total income you expect to be immediately available at retirement time.

Alongside that list, create another that shows expected living costs. Rent or mortgage payments, utilities, food, medical care, pharmaceuticals, clothing, travel, entertainment and other needs. And don’t forget to factor in that creeping inflation in the years ahead will continue to dig into buying power.

For example, expected total costs of living during each retirement month will be $3,000, but income from all sources will be no higher than $2,500. Do more serious savings now to make up the differences. Some suggested actions could help fill the gap.

1. Put more into savings and sensible investments. For example, if you already have a budget of saving $50 per payday in an interest-bearing account, raise it to $75 or higher.

2. Cut back on casual spending now for vacations, entertainment, clothing and restaurants. By doing this, you’ll not only increase available retirement money, but actually enjoy simpler and healthier sunset years.

If retirement time is sneaking up on you, and suddenly realize it will happen in just a few years, do something about it now. Consider total expected retirement income and what you anticipate as the amount of money it will cost to enjoy sunset years. Then, take necessary steps now to make it happen.