What The Hell Has Happened To The LA Dodgers?

They lost again yesterday in a no-contest 8 to 1 rout to the usually docile Colorado Rockies. The Dodgers have dropped 10 in a row, 15 of their last 16. They’re behaving like a minor league team trying to play with the big boys.

Because of the early and mid-season string of amazing victories, the Dodgers were a sure bet to make it to the play-offs and on to the World Series. Before the historic losing slide, as of August 25, the Dodgers were ahead by 21 games. Now, the lead is just nine, with only seven games left in the regular season. Win or lose, the team will still make it to the National League Wild Card games starting October 4.

Questions: Why have the Dodgers suddenly collapsed? Is it merely a bored bunch of grossly overpaid jocks just going through the motions? Why are they barely showing up for meaningless end-of-regular-season games?

Is it a clever money-making plot? If the team had merely continued winning just about every game, fans may have decided to stay home. Then the suckers wouldn’t be ripped off by those inflated ticket prices, heavy parking fees and overpriced ballpark snacks. Hey, Dodger fans: What the hell, win or lose, the super-rich pro jocks will still get those multi-million-buck paychecks.

Incidentally, in 1927, Babe Ruth earned $100,000. When he was told it was more than the U.S. President was paid, he replied, “Well, I had a better year.”

Ace That Job Interview: Spoken & Body Language

I spent 25 years as manager of a 30-person creative division in a large company. In that time, I interviewed at least 700 job applicants, and hired more than 40. Of course, resumés, education and experience were important, but body and spoken language were also critical factors.

Consider a typical scenario when applicants learn about a job that could be an opportunity of a lifetime. You’re determined to do everything right. Compose a fantastic application letter and killer resumé. Get it out quickly and score an interview.

When the day arrives, consider ways to make your pitch for the job the best possible. As you sit down with the interviewer, create a positive image. If applying for a job at the local garage or construction site, you may not be expected to show up looking like a Wall Street executive.

However, even for jobs that don’t require business attire, applicants won’t go wrong by dressing their best. Basic neatness in clothing, grooming and other factors always assures a positive start of the interview.

Extreme jewelry, piercing, large tattoos, wild hair color and bizarre clothing may immediately turn off the interviewer. Is this applicant looking for a job or pushing an extreme social or political statement that will disrupt our daily workplace?

When you begin the interview, sit up straight, look the interviewer in the eye and be prepared to answer questions with a positive attitude. Slouching, mumbling and evasiveness will guarantee you won’t get the job.

Spoken language is as critical as body language. Be sure grammar and pronunciation are correct. When the interviewer asks specific questions, answer quickly and clearly. Do research before the interview, so you can respond intelligently to specific questions about the company and products.

Don’t volunteer extra information nor offer other unnecessary talk. A businesslike attitude will be appreciated, because the busy interviewer may have other applicants waiting.

The interviewer will let you know when the session is ended. Get up promptly, offer brief words of appreciation and leave. If you’ve aced the interview, expect a call to schedule a starting date, or for another session with company executives.

If not contacted in a week, you shouldn’t accept failure yet. Follow up with a phone call or email to the interviewer. Again offer thanks for the opportunity, and ask if more information is required.

Not every interview is for the job of a lifetime, but each should be considered as if it were. Along with experience and a strong resumé, effective body and spoken language are the keys to success in acing the interview.

Volunteer Aid Needed For Hurricane Victims

Remember the old saying: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party? For many of us, way back when, the quote helped us to learn the keyboard of those bulky non-electric typewriters. With a bit of editing, it applies to terrible Harvey and Irma devastation.

Check with your local chapters of the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other organizations that are already involved in the enormous task of restoring normalcy in the U.S. Gulf Coast and Florida, as well as in the Caribbean islands. Offer your help with donations of money, and if you’re available, by volunteering personal efforts.

To update the old phrase: Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid their fellow Americans.

70% Of American Teens Are Too Fat To Join Up

According to several recent beancounter research organizations, most blubber-assed kids in the U.S. today couldn’t qualify to serve in the Armed Forces. This fat fuss reminds an old sailor of the recruiting scene in World War 2.

Just hours after the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan in December 1941, millions of red-blooded teen boys rushed to recruiting stations to sign up. Additionally, those age 18 and above who weren’t so anxious to enlist knew they’d soon be drafted into the Army.

When I hit age 17 eight months after the Pearl Harbor attack, to avoid spending the war in an Army mud hole, I enlisted in the Navy. I remember some applicants in the recruiting station were turned town. They had heart murmurs, flat feet, thick glasses or other physical problems. I don’t recall any being sent home for being too fat.

However, updated WW2 statistics may reveal that many recruits with the most blubber were promoted to officer ranks. Then they served bravely through the war on their huge fat asses defending desks at the Pentagon in Washington DC.

Springsteen Broadway Tix $6,000 And Up

Bruce is scheduled to perform at the Walter Kerr Theatre in October, and sales are so hot, seat prices continue to skyrocket. The question for we ordinary people is: who the hell can afford such grossly inflated tickets to watch The Boss strum and shout for two hours?

OK, let me list them. Pro sports jocks with multi-million-buck contracts. Rock’n’rap stars who squawk out angry curses for quadrillions of greenbacks. Wealthy drug dealers who supply the sports jocks and rock stars.

Rich Wall Street crooks who steal from stupid investors. Failed politicians who go on lucrative lecture tours. Oil company execs who love hurricanes so they can boost their greasy overpriced product even higher.

Mrs. Trump Not First To Wear Historic High Heels

Why is everyone upset just because Melania was fashionably dressed and shod on the President’s trips to flooded Houston? If you didn’t sleep through history class, you’d know her outfit was traditional for First Ladies during historic moments. For instance:

Martha Washington got all gussied up with hoop skirt and stilettos to welcome George home from Valley Forge.

Abigail Adams was fashionally clad in fancy gown and high heels as she joined John at the Boston Tea Party.

Mary Todd Lincoln wore a fancy gown and pointy heels that night when she went with Abe to Ford’s Theater.

Edith Roosevelt’s dainty feet were in fashionable Rough Rider stiletto booties when she accompanied Teddy as he charged up San Juan Hill.

Julia Grant and Mary Anna Custis Lee wore bustle gowns and dainty high heels while serving tea at Appomattox Court House. Meanwhile, hubbies Ulysses and Robert E. discussed erecting future statues to be later torn down.

Hillary Clinton was all dressed for the Inaugural Ball with gown and stiletto heels when she suddenly opened the door to Bill’s White House Oval office and … well … you know…