My Roaming Camera Captures Sad Scenes

Just steps away from the glamorous Sunset Strip and wealthy Beverly Hills mansions, these wanderers attempt to find peaceful places to rest on their endless journeys. If you’re considering volunteer work, spend some time with lost souls who need your encouragement and compassion.

Hints for helpers: your local church, Salvation Army, Red Cross, homeless shelter, HUD Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS).

Storm Stella: Not Quite As Scary As Predicted

She brought combinations of snow, hail, sleet, rain and some booming thunder. By now the femme-named system has passed through coastal New England, New York and Philly. Stella could’ve been as damaging as she was to Brando’s psyche, but she eased up on us.

Hope your work, travel and other early springtime plans are back on track, and you’ll enjoy a warmer, friendlier season.

Beloved Brit Singer Hits Big 100 On St. Patty’s Day

Hey, any other really old seniors out there remember young Vera Lynn? She’s known for crooning popular World War 2 songs way back when, including White Cliffs of Dover and We’ll Meet Again. My fave of all time is her fantastic singing of the super-patriotic, Land of Hope and Glory.

In 1940 and 1941, German bombers raided London and other British cities. They caused heavy damage and thousands of casualties. Vera Lynn’s stirring performances in stadiums and British military camps did much to help raise spirits during those dark days of the Blitz.

Vera Lynn joins other still active 100-year-old celebs Olivia de Haviland and Kirk Douglas. Betty White and Doris Day are youthful 95-year-olds. From this nonagenarian: Happy 100th St. Patrick’s Day Birthday, Vera Lynn!

Gulag USA: We’re Brainwashed By TV Ads

Nearing my 92nd birthday, for health reasons I’ve had to stop watching the evening news. It isn’t because of doctor’s orders, but gotta switch off the boob tube because all the pseudo-medical commercials are getting even more sickening.

The network beancounting geeks who constantly play with their demographics and other extremities have decided that most TV evening news watchers are between age 55 and deceased. Thus, for every on-air five minutes of actual real-life happenings, there must be at least five minutes of miraculous medical messages. Many are aimed at senior citizens to be conned into buying the useless junk.

Among other benefits, the products (called snake oil by old-time peddlers) will erase wrinkles, regrow head hair, erase body hair, enhance sex lives, reduce back pain, relieve constipation, dam-up diarrhea and take off blubber. They’re absolutely guaranteed, as testified by sincere on-air actors portraying real people.

The pitched products will miraculously restore the health of every TV addict, including those elders not quite at death’s door. Further, the ad geeks can’t be too sure that their messages are fully absorbed into our enfeebled brains. Therefore, as a selfless public service, they repeat the same ads endless times a day for weeks, months and years.

Actually, their real motive is the old trick of basic brainwashing. With enough repeats laundering brains, TV addicts will march out like mindless undead and buy the products. Torturers during the reigns of Mao and Joe Stalin couldn’t have been more efficient in getting the mind-melting job done.

What about today’s TV addicts? In addition to capturing old minds and wallets, is brainwashing effective also on those still in their prime? Younger Americans can recite in great detail the latest scandal regarding Justin Bieber or explain the current Kardashian soap opera.

However, most can’t name a single member of the Supreme Court nor the capital city of Maine. Attention spans are ever decreasing because of the ever-increasing tiny electronic gear, inaccurately called smartphones, glued to young ears and eyes. Is that the end of their watching ads on big-screen TV as they once did from the comfort of their couches?

Hell, no! The flood of sickening health pitches now follows them everywhere. They’re still bombarded with endless commercials as they walk, drive, text and sext into their miniature boob tubes.

Make This Springtime Your Going Green Time

As the weather and your conscience warm up, do you have the urge to make the earth a better and greener place to live? Then, consider:

Get your expanding butt off the couch, turn off the TV and jump into the fresh air. Take a gym membership, join a bike club, roam around alone or with a special pal or two. When exercising outdoors, enjoy the surrounding springtime greenery.

Combine vigorous daily activity with sensible eating. Lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits, and cut back on the fatty foods. Instead of between-meals snacking, chew on a carrot or apple.

Volunteer on a community green garden plot or in-town mini-farm. Plant a home garden of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables in your back yard. When autumn arrives, share your abundant green crop with friends, neighbors and/or a homeless shelter.

Go green on the road: Consider getting rid of that big, old gas guzzler that costs too much and pollutes the air. Trade for a smaller car that spews less pollution. Or better yet, on your next replacement, consider getting an all-electric car.

Ride the local bus, and for that short trip to the supermarket, try an invigorating bike ride or casual stroll. Don’t drive all the time with just you in the car. Get together with family, friends and neighbors. Share your daily commuter ride or evening out.

Volunteer in city and neighborhood clean-up and greening programs. Help get rid of unsightly trash to create more beautiful fields, streets, sidewalks and parks. Help plant and maintain green lawns and flower gardens throughout your city.

Encourage others to go green by speaking at public meetings, sending out internet info and poster campaigns. Go to schools to talk green to the kids, the ones who will be the future generation to carry on your determination and need for green.

What’s All This Crap About Genderless Toilets?

Because of celebrities freely changing genders and private body parts, many bathrooms around the land are no longer limited to one sex. I won’t venture an opinion on the subject, except to anticipate that privacy where you must expose your private parts may soon become obsolete.

I’ve had bathroom issues since the age of six, when my widowed mom put me in an all-boys orphanage. For 12 years, I never was in a toilet alone, nor had any other bathroom privacy. Within weeks of leaving school just after my 18th birthday, I joined the Navy. I spent another three years on ship and shore with the same total lack of bathroom privacy.

Most notable was a wartime 1944-45 year in the Philippines. At first, on the isle of Leyte with an advanced Navy unit, our urinal was the woods behind our tent. Our shower was a large canvas water bag hanging from a tree.

For sit-down relief, we had an outdoor wooden platform box with eight holes. As we sat there, we were frequently visited by native men, women and kids selling us fruit, vegetables and other products.

When our unit moved up to Manila, we had somewhat better toilet facilities, a metal Quonset hut over a river with indoor toilet holes. Since we were all male, we weren’t required to share. Our private shower consisted of four wooden slats topped with a large canvas water bag.

Now in my 90s, limited in travel and visiting public restrooms, I haven’t yet been in an all-gender toilet. If and when it happens, I don’t think it would be a terribly upsetting experience. Unless, of course, someone attempts to sell something to this serenely squatting senior.

Kim Jong Un Kills Officers With Anti-Aircraft Guns

Hey, Mr. President. Does this recent gory news from North Korea give you ideas about how to deal with anti-Trump top brass of the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force? And maybe a few enemies in Congress and the media, too.

Remember the Mel Brooks 1981 movie, “History of the World”? As French King Louis XVI, Mel had peasants flung into the air so he could skeet shoot them. Then the famous line and grin, “It’s good to be king”.

In North Korea, the angry King Kim has executed at least half a dozen of his top officers, as well as some unruly relatives, by big anti-aircraft guns. As a long-ago talker on Navy 20mm ack-ack crews, I can only wonder why Kim has to be so bloody messy.

Wouldn’t standing ‘em up against a wall and a couple of guys with rifles do a much neater job? Then, both royal pains, Kim and the Donald, could grimace and boast, “It’s good to be king”.