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What Happens When China Takes Over Hollywood?

For the past decade, China has been busy buying up American companies. It already owns the Chicago Stock Exchange, Starwood Hotels and Smithfield Hams. The deals are happening fast.

Latest news reports reveal that Paramount Pictures will soon belong to Chinese investors. Other movie and TV studios are also potential targets of the takeover. A Chinese corporation already owns the AMC theater chain, as well as the historic Grauman’s on Hollywood Boulevard.

Hmmmm. When they totally own the American film industry, will they next demand to rename all of Hollywood’s classic movies. For instance: Citizen Kong, Rickshaw Driver, The Lord of the Mings, Dances With Pandas, Lawrence of Asia, A Streetcar Named Shanghai, The Good, The Bad and the Sushi.

More movie title changes could happen: Gone With The Wonton, One Flew Over The Tofu’s Nest, Twelve Angry Chow Mein, Anne Of Green Moo Goo Gai Pan, Formosa And My Girl. And, of course, cartoon characters that must be renamed: Mandarin Mouse and Peking Duck.

China-Hollywood Deals Are Happening Fast!

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, China continues to buy stock in American movie producing companies. It already owns several major theaters on Hollywood Boulevard and elsewhere in the Los Angeles area.

We should ponder a potentially changed future. In addition to making new movies in California, what would happen if the Chinese owners revise some famous old American cinema classics. Then give them more updated titles and foist them on unsuspecting fans in the USA? Consider the new changes:

The Wizard of Beijing, Kommunist Kane, Snow White and the Seven Commissars, King Kung Pao, Rickshaw Driver, A Streetcar Named Dimsum, Wonton With The Wind, High Noonjing, The Macau Falcon, Pride of the Yangtzes, Cool Hand Goog, The Mongolian Candidate, and The Ganzhoufather. And, of course, Good Bye, Mr. Shupian (Chinese word for chips).