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Voters Loved Generals, Now It’s Show Biz Stars

Remember when you managed to stay awake in U.S. history class? The obvious fact was that many early Presidents had been Army generals. Starting with George Washington, then on to Andy Jackson, Zachary Taylor, William Henry Harrison, U.S. Grant and Ike Eisenhower. Of course, Teddy Roosevelt was only a colonel, but his heroic charge up San Juan Hill soon got him elected, too.

However, for the past 40 years or so, celebrity got most presidential wannabes into the White House. It started with Jack Kennedy, and although he had been a lowly Navy lieutenant, his World War 2 heroism and movie-star looks combined to start the trend we’re in today.

Bill Clinton, who actually marched against the Vietnam War, also had the young politician glamor. And, of course, he also exhibited some of the Kennedy extra-marital wanderings. And Ronald Reagan, who served as a recruiting officer in World War 2, got into the White House because of his actual movie star personality.

Then, along came Trump, with two positive features that appealed to celebrity-crazed voters. Not only did he host his own TV show, but he also brought a lifetime of slightly nefarious, but very successful business dealings. And he barely beat out the first woman candidate for the presidency, none other than the faithful wife of a previous predatory president.

And now, rising fast in the ranks for future presidential candidates is Oprah Winfrey. She brings to the fray several powerful attributes. She’s talented, black, female, wealthy and a huge show biz star. And in spite of her billions in the bank, she’s a liberal Democrat. OK, so she’s never been a general nor queen of Ancient Egypt, but what could possibly go wrong in the Electoral College for her vs Trump in 2020?

Is Donald Trump In Long Line Of Flawed Presidents?

No matter the political party, American voters in at least the past several decades have managed to elect the worst candidates. And that certainly includes the most recent election, where both were about as qualified as Donald Duck. Maybe some of it is my own reaching of advanced old age and realizing that everyone, great or insignificant, is a flawed human. And some, very flawed.

Consider the Presidential line-up, starting with Nixon, and on through Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Ford, the Bush boys, Obama and, now, Trump. Nixon resigned in shame. Johnson and Carter were both good ole Southern boys, and their frequent mistakes clearly illustrated their flaws.

Reagan was a movie actor playing out the script, while Clinton spent most of his time just playing out. Ford was President for what seemed like a short weekend, and barely managed to stumble through the White House. Well, at least his First Lady created the Betty Ford Clinic.

The Bush daddy lasted one term, while his son made his two tiresome terms seem like six. And then we had Barry the Barrier Breaker, who went directly from lowly Chicago social worker to the White House because it was time for a color change there.

Now we’ve elected the guy who reminds us of every used car salesman, snake oil barker and casino pit boss we ever met. Also, if you’re up on all the current news, you know the growing anti-Trump mob is lighting torches and grabbing their pitchforks. And with some of his formerly close pals waving the biggest torches, who knows what will happen. Is the name President Pence being whispered today in both Democrat and Republican headquarters?

Huh? Phillip Morris Considers Giving Up Peddling Cigarettes

The company that sells Marlboro, Chesterfield and Parliament just officially announced it will strive for a smoke-free future. That’s as astounding as Donald Trump giving up getting rich, Rosie O’Donnell giving up excess eating or the Kardashians just giving up.

Of course, there’s a catch to the promised cigarette-free future. The big tobacco companies will get into hawking smokeless vaping, dripping and other ways that allegedly delay killer cancer’s arrival at throats and lungs for a couple of years. And even more obvious, the move is intended to continue the never-ending greed to make bucks on killer weeds. They’ll jump into the soon-to-be total legality of good, healthy marijuana.

Sexual Harassment Craze Inspires Poetic Idiocy

Matt Lauer needs a cold shower.
Harvey Weinstein crossed that fine line.
Charlie Rose actions offend the nose.
Al Franken did some heavy skankin’.
Louis C.K. exposed his c…k.
Jeffrey Tambor attempted to score.
Kevin Spacey groped too much lacey.
David Letterman should’ve been a better man.
Bill Clinton wasn’t just hintin’.
Donald Trump caressed many a rump.

Saturday Night Live Goes Anti-Semitic, Sort Of

Current revelations indicate that many Jewish Hollywood producers, past and present, did the casting couch routine. Producer/writer Larry David attempted some lame jokes about it when he performed on a recent SNL program. And the current list of ethnic abusers goes on: Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, Roman Polanski, James Toback and others.

Nothing new here. They’re emulating early Hollywood casting couch moguls: David O. Selznick, Harry Cohn, Sam Goldwyn, Sam Spiegel and the Warner Brothers. Judy Garland claimed Louis B. Mayer tried to seduce her when she auditioned at age 15 for the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

A final word: Actually, it wasn’t because they were Jewish that made those horny producers into seducers. Their religion had nothing to do with it. Like Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, with such ugly faces and bloated bodies, it was the only way they could get lucky lay-downs with lovely ladies.

More Statues Coming Down: Now Ex-Philly Mayor Frank Rizzo

I grew up, attended college and worked in the City of Brotherly Love, and remember it had the usual line-up of corrupt politicians. However, one tough, loud-mouthed guy emerged from South Philly’s Italian neighborhood to become an effective, almost-honest mayor. After being an effective cop who rose to police commissioner, he served as top dog in city hall from 1972 to 1980.

Now, 25 years after his death, groups labeling Rizzo a racist want his statue near City Hall to come crashing down. This puts him in the class with others on the list of evil racists and slave owners, including Egyptian pharaohs, George Washington, Stonewall Jackson, Al Jolson, Scarlett O’Hara, Robert E. Lee and Simon Legree.

Bigoted or not, Francis L. Rizzo had something in common with at least two other famous politicians. Like Ron (Reagan) and Don (Trump), Frank was a lifelong Democrat until he matured into a Republican in his later years.