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Iconic Star Doris Day, 95, To Record Again

Recent reports say the famed singer will make another album for the sake of her favorite pet charities, including the SPCA. Doris Day has always been one of my entertainment idols. This old sailor’s War War 2 memory goes back to 1945 and my favorite Doris Day song, “Sentimental Journey”.

It’s ending lines portrayed an important era in American history. World War 2 was finally winding down, after terrible loss of life, both military and civilian. Many of us had been away for three or four years, and the anticipation of returning to the USA was our dream:

Gotta take that sentimental journey,
Sentimental journey home.

Doris Day’s musical lament was exactly right as World War 2 ended in Europe in May and in the Pacific in September. A member of an advanced Navy team in the Philippines, I was waiting to take my sentimental journey back home.

It reminds me of another timely and inspirational 1945 Doris Day hit, “My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time”. Good luck in your new album, Doris. And may you enjoy many more years of good health and career success.