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Trump Vs Putin: Who’s The World’s Top Guy?

The two most puffed-up national leaders met, and from the publicity, each appears to be doing his best to be the biggest boss. News video and photos show them trying to top each other with grinning handshakes and back pats.

Anyone still remember the famous scene in Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 movie, The Great Dictator? The two most famous bad asses then were Germany’s Adolf Hitler and Italy’s Benito Mussolini. In the Chaplin movie, the names were thinly disguised as Adnoid Hynkel and Benzino Napaloni. One scene was in a barber shop, and each dictator used the chairs to attempt to look more important by cranking up higher than the other.

The occasion of the historic Trump-Putin meeting was the high-pumped G20 Summit. We can only hope the leaders will solve the problems between the world’s two super powers. The event was not in a barbershop, but in Hamburg. Hmm, Hamburg. Do you think they should have opened the session with: Where’s the beef?

History’s 10 Most Stupid Decisions To Start A War

1812: Napoleon invades Russia
1876: Custer attacks the Sioux Tribe
1941: Germany invades Russia
1941: Japan attacks the USA
1950: USA sends troops to Korea
1961: USA sends volunteers to Cuba
1965: USA sends troops to Vietnam
2001: USA sends troops to Afghanistan
2003: USA sends troops to Iraq
2017: USA bombers attack Syria

Stay tuned for possibly more incredibly nutcase acts of war: USA sends troops to Syria, North Korea and/or Iran. Let’s just call it Operation USA Deja Vu All Over Again