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Memphis TN: Squeezing Out Gone With The Wind

The city’s Orpheum Theater has been showing the iconic movie annually at its film festival for 34 years. However, due to national and local protests and current racial unrest, it will no longer be permitted.

The protesters claim the film romanticizes slavery, and offends too many people today. Well, if that’s the theme, why stop there. Let’s ban Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Macbeth because both Julie and Mac had slaves.

Also, no more showing of films about Cleopatra, because she had all those Hebrews slaving on the pyramids at way below minimum wage. Don’t show Spartacus, where Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch) was a gladiator along with many African slaves fighting to the death in Rome.

And, of course, no films should be allowed featuring slave owners George Washington, Tom Jefferson and Andy Jackson. All this politically-correct fuss evokes, as Rhett Butler snarled at his slave-owning spouse, “Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!”

Old Sailor Shocked At Cursing In TV Cable Shows

Perfect timing! The new season of the profanity-loaded TV show “Veep” airs on Easter Sunday. Further, I can’t get used to Seinfeld’s sweet little Elaine Benes AKA Julia Louis Dreyfus AKA Veep spouting all those four-letter words.

Takes me back more than 75 years when everyone was shocked at the profanity in the final scene in the classic movie, “Gone With The Wind”. As Rhett Butler abandoned his lady love, he said, “Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!” Considering today’s overwhelming filthy words on both large and small screens, he could’ve been quoting an Easter sermon from the Bible.

Of course, I’ve heard and uttered a bit of profanity here and there. I served in the U.S. Navy during World War 2 and the Korean War. Sometimes there were moments of fear and stress when the words heck and darn were heard above the gunfire aboard ship during a combat action.

However, I’m uncomfortable with those curses flowing freely from the formerly sweet friend of Seinfeld and other actors. The words themselves don’t shock me. It’s the lowering of creative process into an amateurish gutter, rather than attempts at true creativity with the language of Shakespeare, Longfellow and Whittier.

It’s the same trashing as what has happened to popular music over the same time period. And it becomes worse by the day, especially in brutal and profane movies and TV series. It’s a sad, degrading process, and in the ever-evolving show business world, who knows how much worse it may become.

Movies And TV Spew More & More Profanity

You can’t go to a theater or scan through cable TV these days without being ear-shattered with the most vile locker-room cursing. This old Navy guy is familiar with dirty words, and can still remember way back when Clark Gable uttered the word damn in Gone With The Wind. Everyone at that time was shocked at the vile obscenity.

Today’s onscreen filthy flood of cursing makes that moment seem like a prayer meeting. So, to bring the old movies up to date, let’s just suppose what other vintage scenes could be brought down to today’s gutter language. If there had been no censorship then, for example:

Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a flying ÅÏ√÷≥!
The Wizard of Oz: Toto, you little black ƒ®∂, I’ve got a ƒ≠ºø∆ feeling we’re not in ƒÔ¨† Kansas anymore.
Casablanca: Here’s looking at your Å≥Ω , kid.
Treasure of the Sierra Madre: Badges? We don’t need no √Ô•¶§ badges!
Sudden Impact: Go ahead, you †ÁÏ√. Make my ¶∞º√ day!
Titanic: I’m ∫√©∆† king of the √÷≥≤≠ world!
A Few Good Men: You can’t handle the £ΩÇ≈Ó truth!
Forrest Gump: Stupid is as ∫√ç˚∆ stupid does.
Jerry Maguire: Show me the ƒ•¶ƒ∆ money!

OK, randy reader, you supply the updated ∆≤∫¥¢£ words in the obscene scenes.