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Army Falls Way Short Of Goals To Recruit New Soldiers

Army officials say the reason is that today’s young people are not healthy enough. Hey, anybody else remember way back at the start of WW2? Because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Army had the immediate task of growing the peacetime army from 200,000 to 6,000,000.

Most new soldiers then were draftees, not volunteers. At that critical time, the total physical requirement seemed to be able to stand up without falling down. When I hit my 18th birthday, I had to register for the draft. Just a few weeks later, I was summoned for my physical. I was near-sighted and wore glasses. When the doctor told me to read the chart on the far wall, I meekly replied, “What wall?”

Fortunately, I didn’t get drafted into the Army. However, just few weeks later I volunteered for the Navy. I had memorized the eye chart and spent my final teenage year in WW2 sailing the beautiful Pacific Ocean on a troop ship, with scenic 1945 visits to lovely and unpeaceful Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Leyte. wtop.com/white-house/2018/04/army-wont-meet-recruiting-mission-lowers-2017-goal

May Day: Let’s Celebrate By Waving Mexican Flags

My mom and dad arrived at Ellis Island as immigrant teens early in the 20th Century. Their parents came here to escape grinding religious and political persecution in Russia and Germany.

They also looked to America as the opportunity to rise from poverty and persecution. When they first arrived, my parents continued to endure prejudice here. However, they were never foolishly ungrateful by taking to the streets waving Russian or German flags.

Of course, as with today’s immigrants arriving, their lack of education and continuing social prejudice required they work in menial jobs. They endured it all with determination that their kids could break away from poverty and prejudice.

As with many other immigrant families, our parents’ struggles were successful. They didn’t take to the streets waving hateful signs and foreign flags. Their struggles in poverty resulted in sending their kids to college and on to professional careers.

You’ve escaped from a country where your life was doomed to poverty. So, if you must demonstrate on May Day and at future rallies, have the common sense and appreciation to wave the flag of your new, welcoming country.

Ooooh! U.S. Marines Are Real Naughty!

The media has been howling that some contemporary Gyrenes are sending out dirty pictures over the internet. Oh, no! I’m shocked! Absolutely shocked! How could they be so horny?

Way, way back then, this old Navy guy helped ship Marines to Iwo Jima and Okinawa invasions in the closing months of World War 2. The 2,500 Marines aboard our troop transport sailings were all religious virgins.

Of course, way back then they didn’t have the internet for picturing filthy stuff like naked bodies. I fondly remember they were pure, well-trained fighting kids of my age, around 17 and 18. And they had absolutely no interest in sex.

Before overseas combat assignments, I clearly recall how those young Marines behaved at the training areas of Camp Pendleton, California, and Hawaii. Every one of them was sworn to purity. When they were given liberty time to go into San Diego and Honolulu, they spent all the hours at church or other spiritual inspiration locations.

Of course, everything I’ve written here so far is deliberately and idiotically wrong in describing Marines of World War 2, as well as those lusty guys of today. Thousands of teenage Marines who fought at Iwo Jima and Okinawa died in the final months of World War 2.

I hope they first had the chance to find love, whether sacred or profane, before their too brief, young lives were lost.