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Caitlin Jenner Announces “Reassignment” Surgery

There’s recent news about the former Bruce Jenner’s completing his final transformation into a female. The article used a word very familiar to those of us who served in the military.

When I was in the Navy, reassignment meant being transferred from one ship to another, or to duty at a shore station. When in college, the word often explained a change in classrooms.

Later, during my long career with a stuffy old insurance company, the term indicated a parallel desk move. The manager of one screwed-up department cleaned out his/her desk and was reassigned to boss another screwed-up department.

In pro sports, reassignment can have a similar meaning. When a potential major league baseball star fails to live up to the huge sign-up paycheck, the announcement reports that he has been reassigned to a minor league team. If management is in a kindly mood, the move is intended to give him experience before returning to the overpaid glory.

The word reassignment also can have even more negative connotations. In our company on several occasions, married executives who had been caught in extramarital shenanagans, were often reassigned. They were transferred from the posh corporate headquarters high-rise to a lowrise branch in one-horse Hicktown.

Of course, considering the never-ending headlines the Jenner/Kardarshian clan create, we’re all familiar with what the Bruce/Caitlin reassignment actually indicates. It means to all Jenner fans (and supporters) that the ex-Olympic athletic hero will have no more need for his jock strap.