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Barney’s: Popular Hollywood Beanery Since 1920s

My recent unposed foto captured a moment that just begged for a scatological, biological caption. Cop: I’m ticketing you for excessive gas emissions.

Seriously, Barney’s Beanery has always been the place where famed movie and music stars came to mix, relax and hang out. And they still do, while enjoying today’s extensive food and drink menu that goes far beyond basic bean platters.

There are now six branches of Barney’s gastropubs throughout the Los Angeles area. This one on Route 66 and Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood is the original with a colorful history that goes back to the Jazz Age.

Included in the famous silver screen faces that once beamed over a platter of Barney’s beans are Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and James Dean.

Later, rock legends Janis Joplin, Bono, John Lennon and Jim Morrison cavorted at the famed gastropub. Rumors are that Janis died one morning in 1970, just hours after spending a druggy evening with pals at Barney’s.

I Enjoy Lively Moments With Dead Entertainers

There’s a special benefit of surviving to 90 in this texting/smartphone/selfie era. It’s the great pleasure of ignoring today’s obnoxious noise, idiotic lyrics and jerky images that pass for entertainment.

Now a long-retired couch potato, my joy may seem senile and spooky to younger people. Simply, I indulge in frequent visits with favorite, long-gone stars on desktop computer, TV screen and smartphone. At the click of a button, the vintage entertainers return from the great beyond to endlessly act, sing and dance just for me.

Most of the names are probably unfamiliar to today’s Bieber/Gaga/Kanye generation. In my unhumble opinion, these so-called entertainers of today lack the basic talent of expertly singing a song, reciting a line and smoothly moving to the music. It’s all foreign to their flighty nervous systems, addled brains and strained vocal chords. Their entertainment world is primarily offensive costumes, angry shrieking and grotesquely obnoxious gyrations.

I’m always happy to be with my ghost voices and images. For example, here are a few iconic favorites I enjoy in both sound and sight as often as I damn well please:

Frank Sinatra belts out New York New York
Gene Kelly dances and croons to Singin’ In The Rain
Judy Garland warbles Over The Rainbow
Louis Armstrong rasps It’s A Wonderful World
Beverly Sills trills a melodic La Traviata
Andy Williams sails on Moon River
Lena Horne brings on Stormy Weather
Mario Lanza voices a dramatic Vesti La Giubba
Peggy Lee brings me Fever
Sammy Davis Jr. declares I Gotta Be Me
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance Cheek to Cheek
Nat King Cole proves he’s Unforgettable
Dean Martin croons That’s Amore
Ella Fitzgerald lilts A Tisket A Tasket