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Hugh Hefner Gets Laid By Marilyn Monroe

The movie sex goddess graced the very first Playboy cover in 1953. As his final tribute, the late magazine mogul bought the burial plot next to her grave at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles. There, for eternity they’ll lie together.

When I asked some of my fellow horny old guys if they’d seek such a final unresting place, here are some grave choices of postmortem partners: I want to be buried next to….
Mae West: She said come down and see me sometime.
Catherine the Great: She wasn’t called great for nothing.
Marie Antoinette: No worry about headstrong nagging.
Amelia Earhart: If she started to nag, I’d say get lost!
Eve: In the Garden of Eden, but watch out for snakes.
Any Kardashian female: The world will thank me!
Hillary Clinton: If you don’t mind ghostly howls: I shoulda been President!

We’re Having A Heat Wave, A Tropical Heat Wave!

A boiling Labor Day weekend to bust thermometers everywhere in Southern California. Temperatures spike over 100º in Los Angeles, 105º in Pasadena and 115º in Palm Springs. We’re reminded of the Irving Berlin song lyrics. How many other sweaty old geezers cooling off in pools remember it as recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, Bing Crosby, Marilyn Monroe, Linda Ronstadt and Patti LuPone?

When Marilyn Monroe Sang Just For Me

The movie star, who died 55 years ago at age 35, was then at her glamorous best. She performed with USO shows in Seoul, South Korea, for U.S. soldiers, airmen, Marines and sailors. It was in 1954, just as the war ended with a cease fire.

I was with a group of Navy guys who were at Daegu Air Force Base in Seoul when we heard Marilyn was scheduled to entertain there that night. We convinced the pilot and crew to find something wrong with our R4D Navy transport, so we could delay the return flight to our base in Tokyo Bay for 24 hours.

It was a great evening for all the yearning, homesick GIs who were dazzled by the movie star’s sexy performance. We Navy guys managed to get seats near the stage, and I imagined the glamorous movie star, only a few feet away, was performing just for me. The sight and sounds of blonde Marilyn singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” created memories I still cherish today.

Barney’s: Popular Hollywood Beanery Since 1920s

My recent unposed foto captured a moment that just begged for a scatological, biological caption. Cop: I’m ticketing you for excessive gas emissions.

Seriously, Barney’s Beanery has always been the place where famed movie and music stars came to mix, relax and hang out. And they still do, while enjoying today’s extensive food and drink menu that goes far beyond basic bean platters.

There are now six branches of Barney’s gastropubs throughout the Los Angeles area. This one on Route 66 and Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood is the original with a colorful history that goes back to the Jazz Age.

Included in the famous silver screen faces that once beamed over a platter of Barney’s beans are Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and James Dean.

Later, rock legends Janis Joplin, Bono, John Lennon and Jim Morrison cavorted at the famed gastropub. Rumors are that Janis died one morning in 1970, just hours after spending a druggy evening with pals at Barney’s.