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Toilet Humor: Genderless Public Facilities Rules

Now that North Carolina has made toilets gender mixed, soon anyone who has to go can go anywhere. Therefore, isn’t it time for some Ann Landers type of social expert to come up with new rules of bathroom courtesy?

As we were taught as kids, there is correct behavior when mixing socially with the opposite sex. And now that all toilets will soon be totally genderless, how do we behave in the confines of public rest rooms? Some suggested rules:

Polite man to urgent woman: After you ma’am. A gentleman always gives up his seat to a lady.

Shocked woman: Sir, I know you believe you’re king of the hill, but please keep the door closed while you’re on the throne

Angry woman: Sir, you’re acting like a smart ass when you point that camera at mine.

Laughing man: Hey, Peeping Tom, good news! You don’t have to drill a peep hole in the wall any more to see women in the John.

Disgusted lady: No, sir, just because we’re seated side-by-side, I will not discuss the latest poop with you.