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England’s Prince Philip To Retire At Age 95

Buckingham Palace announces that Philip, Royal Consort and Duke of Edinburgh, will retire from his official duties in August. It isn’t that he’s had a tough career. He wasn’t sweating in the mines, loading cargo nor pushing a plow. His 70-year career consisted mostly of shaking hands, kissing babies and watching people scrape and bow to his royal spouse.

On second thought, it must tough every morning to crawl out of the royal bed and get all gussied up in a fancy uniform. He and his personal valet must remember where the buttons, braid and medals have to be tacked on. He has to ask himself: does today’s parade require me to wear my Army, Navy or Royal Air Force uniform? Or just a tuxedo and top hat? Not likely he can relax in a torn Beatles tee shirt and jeans with fashionably ripped knees.

Along with all his princely grandeur, it must be a bit humiliating at all the ceremonies to walk a step behind his wife. Many people believe most of Philip’s life has been similar to being a toy soldier. Seriously, let’s not forget he served bravely during World War 2 as a combat officer in the Royal Navy.