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Trump May Cut Funds For Meals On Wheels

That’s just one government service among the many that will be sliced from the national budget, if the President has his way. Money saved, he contends, will be used to finance constructing the Mexican border wall.

Because most of the people who now receive the free Meals On Wheels service are elderly and poor, I have a better idea. How about rounding up all those old geezers and shipping them to the border. For as long as it takes to wall up the 3,000 miles, give each of the elderly builders a trowel, a stack of bricks and a bucket of wet cement.

Assign the U.S. border guards to stop shooting Mexican kids long enough to supervise the construction of the wall. Then, no more than once or twice a day, let the geezers rest for a few minutes while modest meals on wheels are doled out to them. By the way, watch out for a guy named Moses who may show up and command them to let his people go.

Old Guy Nightmare: Comparing The Donald To Il Duce

For those who don’t remember the 1940s Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, let’s just say he was a close pal of Adolf Hitler. These days, some may ponder, if it weren’t for Trump’s blonde wig, he and Mussolini could be twins.

They share the bragging bluster, jutting chin, strutting stride and bombastic attitude of absolute power. Consider some quotes:

Donald Trump: I’ve been dealing with politicians all my life. And I’ve always gotten them to do what I need them to do.

I would never kill reporters, but I do hate them. Some are such lying, disgusting people.

I’m going to be really good for women.

Benito Mussolini: We do not argue with those who disagree with us, we destroy them.

Our journalism is free because it serves one cause and one purpose…mine.

The crowd loves strong men. The crowd is like a woman.

Groucho Growls Familiar Attitude In “Duck Soup”

For we old, old timers, some of the hysterical antics and speeches spouting from today’s political mess in Washington bring back eerily familiar memories.

In the 1933 film, Groucho Marx is Rufus T. Firefly, the blustering president of the mythical nation of Fredonia. For the record, please note that “Duck Soup” did not also star a Donald who became an animated Disney legend.

In the movie, President Firefly pompously confronts an assembly of politicians, generals and other officials. He assumes a serious sneer and sings:

I don’t know what they have to say,
It makes no difference anyway,
Whatever it is, I’m against it.
No matter what it is or who commenced it,
I’m against it.

Hmmm. Do those lyrics sound like they’re being declared by a newly-elected political figure?

Mad At Trump? Take It Out On Air Travelers!

Get into the streets and into airports to block traffic, the activists shout. Let’s punish the president for trying to ban illegal immigration. For this elderly scribe, the current scenario brings back disturbing childhood memories from the 1930s.

When I was a kid, city streetcar employees were paid less than a dollar an hour. As labor movements evolved, the workers often attempted to negotiate for more living wages. The union tactics then were to shut down the city transportation system until the bosses complied. Of course, the disruption prevented ordinary citizens from getting to their daily jobs and kids couldn’t attend school.

That put heavy social and political pressure on the bosses. It worked, and the strikes were successful then in raising minimum hourly pay a nickel or a dime. Although today’s disruption of travel is on a much larger scale, and more political than economic, the tactics are the same.

If you have air and city travel plans during this unfortunate crisis, be sure to keep an hour-by-hour check on the latest info, and plan accordingly. As with many deliberate social and political unrest actions, the most physical dangers and inconveniences will hurt the innocent traveler.

Trump: President With The Most Rhyming Name

Not Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy nor Eisenhower. Nor even Clinton. The list of words that rhyme with Trump is almost endless. Here are some and how each applies:
Bump: Thing on the top of his head that holds his toupe.
Chump: A person who invests in Trump enterprises.
Clump: Sticky stuff on your shoe after a Trump speech.
Dump: Where you’ll end up if you do business with him.
Frump: What anti-Trump Madonna and Cher look like.
Grump: How the other Republicans feel about the Donald.
Hump: What camels have and randy Donald always seeks.
Jump: What Congress will do when The Donald demands.
Lump: What Hillary now has in her broken heart.
Mump: A disease all Democrats wish on The Donald.
Rump: Congressional body part the President will kick.
Schlump: Yiddish for Trump’s half-naked Russian pal.
Slump: Will the stock market have one this year?
Sump pump: Needed every time he promises prosperity.
Pahrump NV: At Death Valley where Democrats dry out.
Trump: I’m your President. So stump you all!

One Circus Opens As Another Closes Down

There will be virtual elephants and clowns in Washington DC this week as Republicans take over the city. Coincidentally, animal activists have forced Ringling Brothers to cease to exist. They’ll put their elephants and clowns out to pasture and shut down the circus after 146 years.

Of course, some people believe there should be some more concern for how elephants and other animals are exploited as they’re confined in zoos. And how about the meat and seafood industry, where all sorts of creatures are hunted, bred, caged, slaughtered and served at dinner tables?

Can we also question the strapped-up use of dogs in uncanine situations such as leading the blind, sniffing for bombs and pulling snow sleds? What about race horses, bred to run faster and faster until their hearts burst? And then, at age three or four, end up as dog food?

And finally, America faces four years of the elephant party lumbering through Washington and the world. Will their wild herd actions result in large mushroom clouds and the ultimate cruelty to all of earth’s species?