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Smartphones: Still Can’t Get Used To ‘Em

I hike several times daily through the quaint village of West Hollywood, California. My usual route is about two miles along busy Santa Monica Boulevard. It’s the final leg of the famed US Route 66 that continues thru lush Beverly Hills on its end at the Pacific Ocean.

My hike is always interesting, and my camera ready to find interesting views of landscapes, stores, traffic, people, pets and everything else. One aspect that always gets me is people walking while talking on their little electronic devices. Although it has been a usual sight for several years now, I still marvel at how it has taken over everywhere.

Back in long-ago days when I strolled busy streets, people who walked along and talked aloud to little boxes were considered insane. Now, it’s common to literally bump into dozens of yakkers a day on the sidewalk and crossing streets. However, it’s even more dramatic now, because this area of Santa Monica Boulevard is populated by many homeless people.

Unfortunately, many are mentally ill, and stroll along talking to themselves and nobody in particular. My dilemma is figuring out which of the public ranters are using smartphones.

Candid Coincidences: Do You See All Of Them?

On my twice-daily hikes along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood CA, this old foto freak is always on the alert. I snap only unposed scenes that happen just once and never again.

Here’s a recent example, with all of the following in one inclusive shot: Yellow lily blossom, tattooed ear-budded hiker, determined biker, white birch tree branch, and in upper windows across the avenue, reflection of a girl diver statue.

Going Up: Never-Ending Construction Scene

I pass it several times daily on my hikes along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood CA. It’s taking so doggone long to build thru the past two years, I often suspect the workers are gluing it together one stick at a time.

According to the building’s street level sign, it will eventually become grossly overpriced condos on the upper three floors, with a line of exclusive retail stores on the first. I hope one will be an upscale Chinese take-out restaurant. Or maybe a kosher deli. Or preferably both.